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How to Get Through Alien:Isolation Without Dying

Updated on July 8, 2015

A Kingdom of Isolation and it Looks Like Everything's Going to Hell in a Handbasket....Space Basket.

Welcome to Sevastopol, the leading space station of the 30th century. With top of the line technology, and a staff of helpful non-murderous Androids, it feels just like your home on earth. That is, until a xenomorph comes on board and causes everything to crumple apart.

This is where we find ourselves in Alien:Isolation, on the abandoned Sevastopol ship with limited supplies and no communication with the rescue ship. In this first person horror game, we play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter. She is recruited to join the rescue team The Torrens to help the remaining survivors get off Sevastopol, and to collect the last recorder of the ship Nostromo—the very same one Ellen Ripley was on 15 years ago. When Amanda gets separated from her team, she has to find her own way through the ship, and along the way she meets her arch nemesis; The Alien.

Sevastopol is an absolutely beautiful ship, and even though it is on the verge of destruction, it is a stunning vision of 1980s future technology. The graphics in the game are the best I have seen in a very long time. There are so many tiny details—like the drinking birds, and the sticky notes inside the lockers—that make it seem real. The graphics alone make it a fantastic game to play, even though sometimes you are so stressed you dont have time to stop and enjoy all the easter eggs that creators had put in. I would love to explore the ship without the threat of the Alien, just to see all the posters, diaries, notes and artifacts that were left behind when it was abandoned.

The Xenomorph


The Alien, scientifically known as a Xenomorph (they named it this in the 2nd Alien movie, Aliens) is a highly intelligent, murderous alien monster who’s sole mission is to destroy every human on the entire ship. As we play the game, we learn through computer logs and videos just how it got on the ship, and how long it’s been since it hatched.

The Alien is definitely the biggest threat in the game. You cannot kill it, and if it sees you, you are dead. It has excellent hearing and vision, and it is very smart. The artificial intelligence in this game is fantastic, it learns your technique and plays along with you, so every experience is a little different. That also means you cannot use the same technique through the whole game, you have to switch it up a bit.

The Alien itself is terrifying. With it’s double jaws and long stabby-joe tail, it is exactly what nightmares are made of. You can always hear it stomping around in the vents, and you never know when it’s going to show up. It’s favorite thing to do is to hide in the ceiling vents where the motion detector can’t sense it and then jump down on an unsuspecting Ripley Jr. So watch out for the ceiling vents!

The best way to avoid detection from the Alien is to create distractions. So far, the noisemakers have been the best technique for distracting it, but flairs also work. Hiding is not always the best option, especially hiding in the lockers because they create a long of noise when you get in and out of them. On the harder levels, (hard, advanced and nightmare mode), the Alien can actually hear you breathing in the lockers. Use them with caution!

The Androids

Tut tut tut...

Even though the Alien is the biggest threat in the game, the Androids are also quite dangerous—and annoying. Androids are the AI on the ship, originally created to help the citizens of Sevasatpol, the arrival of the Alien has caused Apollo to switch all Androids to Kill All Humans Mode. Like in the original Alien movie, they are incredibly strong and cannot be reasoned with. They can be killed, but are very difficult to kill and take up a lot of energy. It is far better to distract and slide around them than it is to try and kill them. They are easy to out run, and once you are out of their sight they—for the most part—leave you alone.

The best way to kill them is with an EMP mine explosion—but do this with caution because EMP mines are hard to build and they can kill you too. The 2nd best way kill them is to attack them from behind with your electrical rode, and then bash their heads in with your crowbar. Shooting them doesn't work until you get the bolt gun at the end of the game—and even then, use with caution. it is far better to run away from these guys then deal with them. Only kill them if you absolutely have to. Use stealth and distractions to get around them.


Crafting and collecting items are a must in the game. As in most horror survival games, you need to craft to create devices. The system is pretty easy to use, and is similar to most games. The most useful thing you can craft is, like I said before, the noisemaker. It can be used on the alien, androids and humans. it is non destructive, and lasts for a few minutes, which gives you plenty of time to get where you need to go once you throw it. They are also the easiest to craft—only requiring three things to make. The flash bomb and smoke bombs are also useful for getting around androids and humans, as they get distracted by smoke and the light.

2014 E3 Trailer for Alien:Isolation

Best Moments

Hi My Name is....

Amanda Ripley

Ripley Jr. is an amazing character. She is strong, independent and knows her way around the mechanical shop. Sometimes I feel like she judges me a little bit for being a wimp during the game. She—like her mother— does what she wants, and doesn't care what anybody else things of her. She joined this team because she heard that the recorder from the Nostrumo was on the ship, and she’s been looking for her mother since she disappeared 15 years ago.


This game is incredible challenging, even for those who are experienced with gaming. It is not a beginner game, and even though it is a very good game, it can get frustrating quickly because the Alien is so relentless. You can get through it though, if you have patience—an an insane amount of luck—. The best thing though is, because it is so challenging, getting through it—even just one level—is incredibly rewarding. Getting to that one save point without the alien stabbing you through the chest with it’s tail is a great feeling.

I always like to picture the characters after the game is turned off—like in Wreck It Ralph. Laughing and talking over biscuits and tea, gossiping about the players. In my mind, the Alien’s name is Phyllis and she is an old school southern lady. She makes sweet iced tea and cross stitches “home sweet home” pillow cases for the entire cast.

They all live like the cast of Firefly on Sevastopol.

What a great sit com that would make!!


If you had the chance to play as the Alien, would you?

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Should You Play It?

YES. Absolutely yes. There is no other experience like it. I can just see this being made into an incredible Oculus Rift game. It’s challenging, and stressful, and scary but also so rewarding. It is a great horror game that really makes you feeling like you are on the ship all along with the Alien. You forgot that you are sitting on your bed in your house with you headphones on, you forget that you are even in your room. That’s how immersed you are in this game, and that’s why I love it.

The Alien Franchise

Ridley Scott
James Cameron
Ridley Scott
There are the most important movies in the francise. You can skip Alien 3 and 4.

Find the Original Alien Here!

My Rating

4 stars for Alien:Isolation


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