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How To Get Your Girlfriend to Play League of Legends

Updated on December 1, 2016
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League of Legends is a popular online battle arena game. Players are grouped into teams to destroy the enemy team and conquer the enemy team's base. The game is free, so almost anyone who has internet access can play. Due to its gameplay and accessibility, League of Legends is incredibly popular and well-loved by gamers. However, it is also well-disliked by many girlfriends of these gamers.


If you scour the internet, you will find a lot of articles and rants about video-game-addicted boyfriends. Many of these posts talk about how these gamers spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen, and ignore their loved ones. While the descriptions may seem a bit exaggerated, unless the gamer has a serious addiction, it doesn't change the fact that many League of Legends players have unhappy girlfriends.

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The primary reason why these complaints exist is because, in many relationships, the boyfriend doesn't spend enough time with the girlfriend. The best way to remedy this issue is for the gamer to play League of Legends with his girlfriend. That way, the gamer killing two birds with one stone.

Now the tricky part is getting the girlfriend to play.


Steps to Encourage Your Girlfriend to Play League of Legends

1. Ask your girlfriend if she would play League of Legends with you.

2. Teach your girlfriend how to play.

3. Make sure your girlfriend doesn't become addicted to League of Legends.

Asking Your Girlfriend to Play League of Legends

The first step is relatively easy, unless she's mad at you. Just ask your girlfriend if she wants to play League of Legends. She'll provide you one of three answers: yes, no, or are you effing kidding me?!!

If she agrees to play League of Legends, then proceed to the next step. If not, then ask her at a later time. Maybe give her chocolate, jewelry, or a stuffed animal first.

Teaching Your Girlfriend to Play League of Legends

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Be patient. Your girlfriend will be terrible at first. You were probably terrible when you first started.
  • Be encouraging. No matter how badly your girlfriend plays, always tell her that she's doing great. Lie to her if you have to.
  • Let her play whatever Champion she wants. If she wants to play as Teemo because she finds Teemo cute, then let her play as Teemo. You can provide suggestions, but she ultimately makes the decision.
  • Don't be a backseat driver. Don't mircomanage how your girlfriend plays. Let her make mistakes and learn as she makes them. Once she gets used to the game, you can teach her important skills such as farming minions.
  • Don't over-criticize. The goal is for your girlfriend to like League of Legends, not hate it.

Don't Let Your Girlfriend Become Addicted to League of Legends

This step may not apply to all girlfriends, but some of them will become addicted to League of Legends. Yes, some boyfriends have accidentally turned their girlfriends into gaming monsters. It's usually a minor issue unless her gaming habits become uncontrollable. Just remember to keep things in moderation, and go out on real dates in the real world.


Ultimately, every guy has the right to play League of Legends. It's rather selfish for a girl to make her boyfriend choose between their relationship and League of Legends, unless the boyfriend has a serious gaming problem. In the end, both parties should be reasonable and respectful. If your girlfriend does not want to play League of Legends at all, then be respectful of her wishes. However, she needs to be respectful of your gaming hobby.


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