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How to Get to Challenger League of Legends

Updated on July 25, 2014

League of Legends is a highly competitive game and there are a lot of players all aspiring to be a top player. Due to the fact that the competition is so fierce, new knowledge and superior skill is needed to become a top player. In my new book League Supremacy, I go over everything you need to know in much more depth, but this is a general guide that will get you going in the right direction.

Strong Mental Attitude

It is easy to look around at League of Legends players and see many talented and capable players. A majority of the time there will be a lot of frustrated players that start to blame their teams and situations for not having the rank they want. I have seen many skilled players not get the rank they wanted, simply because they give up easily and blame their team for small mistakes.

In order to get the rank that you want, you have to be able to take responsibility for your own fate and rank. Doing this puts you in a state of learning and becoming better, and more importantly, it puts you in a state of control. When we believe we have control over what happens to us, we focus on what we can control and that in turn makes us better. There is no huge difference between you and a professional player and there is nothing stopping you from reaching that level besides yourself.

Bad teams happen to everyone

Everyone gets bad teams. Even the best players in the world have got teams where they could not win. The difference is that they have a greater impact on the games they play and they do more to help them win the game and get better. Giving up a game that you could have won is easy. It is super easy to give up and not try, but this is not how champions are made. Champions are made by people who are willing to fight every battle and give their best every time in order to become the best they can be.

Let go of the idea of Elo Hell

Elo hell was a term made by players wanting to lose responsibility for their own rank and skill level. It is much easier to say "Oh I'm just stuck in elo hell and I don't have any control" rather than taking responsibility for what they are doing wrong and could improve. When we do not take responsibility for our actions and contributions, we cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to improve and get better. This IS Elo hell and why player get stuck in a rank and cannot move up. The important thing is to decide what you want and take it.

There are no failures if you learn from your mistakes

I use to get upset when I would lose a game and think that I was not getting anywhere because I did not gain any rank. The reason I was getting upset was because I was not looking at these defeats as a way to learn and get better. If we just win all the time and never lose, we would never be able to improve and learn. Defeats give us the most information on what we are doing wrong and what we can improve on. Look at every game you lose as a chance to improve as a player and winning will come easier and easier.

The main point I want to make about your mental attitude is that it is going to be a staple in determining if and how fast you improve as a player. Having all the talent in the world is not going to make you extraordinary, and you can only get so far blaming others and not taking the game seriously. The more you strive to improve and learn from your mistakes, the more you will grow as a player. I can already tell you are the type of player that seeks knowledge and tries to improve just because you are reading this guide.

Team Cooperation

League of Legends is a very team based game and in order to have great success, it is important to be able to work well as part of a team. Players that are always making sacrifices and attempting to aid their team are the players that win a lot of games. The mentality of, "what can I do to help my team" will get you a lot farther when trying to rank up.

You need your team to win

There is no getting around this point. Winning a 4v5 is as hard as pulling teeth and I am sure you know this from experience. If that is how important just having one player on your team, imagine how important it is to have all four. Every player on a team is important and is vital to winning the game. Skill is very important and some players provide more value to a team than others, but it is important to treat the players on a team with respect and decency because they are important tools in winning the game.

Moral is important on any team and the more you can do to inspire the moral of your teammates the better they will perform. Even sports teams require moral, and even in sports the team with the better moral usually wins the game. Any game can be a come back and there is always a chance for mistakes to be made and the game to shift in any instance. Play cautious when everyone else is greedy, and look for chances when you are behind.

Pick champions based on your team needs.

Team composition is very important and players who are able to pick champions based on their team composition generally have more success. I go over the three different compositions in my new book as well. While it is important to pick for your team composition, never pick champions that you are not experience with. It is important to play champions you can perform well with and have an impact on the game with. The more of an impact you have with a champion, the more likely you will be to win.

When team fighting comes around, team composition is going to matter a lot. Even if a player does not have a huge impact on the laning phase, but has a really good late game champion, they can still influence the game tremendously. A lot of solo queue involves team fights and team fighting compositions. This is why when you learn new champions you should keep what role they serve in mind. Know what your play style is, and what champions fit the type you like to play.


Mechanics are extremely important, and if you do not know what they are, it basically just refers to game time function of basic skills. It is your ability to last hit, position, and use your abilities in an intelligent and timely fashion.

To improve your mechanical skill, it is important to put a lot of time and practice in. The more you play, the better you will get at last hitting and controlling your champion. As far as mechanical games go, League of Legends is a lot less intensive than other games. In League, you only have to control one champion and this makes things a lot easier. However, the players that are able to control and maneuver their champions better tend to be higher ranking players.

Diet and Nutrition

The quickest and easiest way to get better at your mechanics and League in general is to exercise and drink more water. Most American are dehydrated and do not drink enough water, even though it is so widely available. It is to not worry about it and it can be a hassle to try to keep up, but it will make your League play so much better.

  • Drink the daily amount of water. Having a glass of water every couple of hours or with every meal will help you get the full amount you need.
  • Exercise at least three times a week. Exercise improves the blood flow in your body making your muscles perform more smoothly, as well as increases the blood flow to your brain. This aids in decision making and cognitive function.

Final Notes

Getting to the top of anything requires an extreme amount of dedication and work. To become the best, we have to take every small advantage we can get and constantly improve. If you are really serious about getting better I suggest reading some of my League of Legends books on Amazon. They have more tips then I could even get on a small guide like this. I hope you found these tips useful and will apply them to your game play to start seeing the results and rank gains that you want.

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