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How to Improve as a Sniper in Xbox 360 Games

Updated on August 16, 2014
On a clear day...
On a clear day... | Source

Sniping has become the hottest thing since vibrating controls in first-person-shooter (FPS) games. Video game series such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo and many others really add powder to the explosiveness of sniping. It's no wonder that the 'sniper' phenomenon has developed into a kind of cool anomaly in a sea of sub-machine-guns (SMGs), personal-defense-weapons (PDWs) and assault rifles (ARs). It's the weapon of choice for players that set themselves apart from the spray-and-pray crowd.

Black Ops - Ghost, and Battlefield 4 have rolled back (or nerfed) some of the god-gun features of the sniper rifles. Ever since 'quick-scoping' became king in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), game developers have become more careful in keeping the playing field level.

The rushers with their SMGs and ARs are still taking a huge part of the pie, but the maps and gameplay are really tailored for specific types of guns. Using one gun doesn't do it anymore. You need to have a few go-to guns.

However, if you like running and gunning with your sniper rifles, stay tuned here to get the latest tips.

This hub will be covering the following subjects to help you become a better sniper:

  • Sniping On-line
  • Long Range Sniping -Zero-ing or Doping your Scope
  • Tips for Snipers that Rush
  • Sniping Tips

Aiming down your enemy.
Aiming down your enemy. | Source

Sniping Online

Sniping online is a beautiful thing. You not only have great graphics but the maps and the game-play itself is There's always enough room for one more sniper, so grab a gun and jump on in.

There are a lot of snipers on-line, and most of them are decent, some of them are phenomenal. You'll know if you come across a professional - there will be a trail of one-shot dead bodies that they leave behind and a whole bunch of chatter coming from the opposing team.

Most of the snipers on-line have started off playing the game with another weapon. This gives them a well rounded skill in knowing what to expect from other weapons, characteristics, and game play.

A group that is gathering a small but unique following is a fairly new type of rusher; the knife and pistol rushers. They travel on Perks that give them the advantage of being able to move quickly through the maps. As a sniper, if you have someone with knives coming your way, you won't have a second chance to hit them. They move swiftly, and even though you get a shot off, as with all blades, it will slip in right under your shot. When you see them coming your way, switch to pistols and take them out before they get too close.

The nice thing about playing on-line is that you can play against or with people all over the world. The competition is always hot so you may encounter a couple of hot-heads going at it over the speakers.

Trash talk on-line at times can get ugly, that's why the majority of players won't turn their microphones on, and will turn off the chatter. It's common knowledge that the gamers on Battlefield is usually a cooler people than the abrasive mobs on Call of Duty. I've heard violent rants coming from kids that couldn't be much older than 8 years old on COD - a string of graphic expletives that would make a sailor gasp. When this happens, I either mute, or leave the room.

Long Range Sniping

Long Range Sniping and Zero-ing for Bullet Drop

Using Perks that will preserve and steady your shot is the best route to go when it comes to large-scale maps. Large maps are the snipers dream locations because a sniper can stand far off and be safe from most mid and close ranged rigles.

Rifle attachments that steady aim, holding a breath, and other perks that aid in keeping your cross-hairs on target will help in long range shots. If you have a scope that can zoom, you will be able to snipe more cleanly as your target will appear bigger. Just remember to zoom back out or your next mid-range shot will appear too close to know what it is. If you find yourself in this situation, and your enemy advances towards you, your only alternative is to quick-scope until you can use your secondary.

In games like Battlefield, long range scoping is a serious skill to accustom yourself to. You not only have to have the right rifle, scope, and attachments, but you also need to know how to use the 'bullet drop' of your rifle to establish a hit. The optimum choice in long-range rifles would be to use the rifle with the highest range available. However, target ranges of 500 meters and over will dictate the use of 'zero-ing' or 'doping' your scope for better hits.

Zero-ing or Doping your Scope

Basically, say you find a focal point where a lot of the action is, and since you are camped out up in the hills, you find yourself 500 meters away. Scope in, and set your 500 meter scope line to the target area, and hit the zero button (this will differ across different consoles and pc). Once this is done, all you have to do, is line up your shots with the cross-hairs directly on target. Your previously set 'doping' will make the adjustment. Once you know you are set at 500 meters, adjust accordingly to hit targets farther or closer in. By this, I don't mean to re-set your scope every time - this will take too much time, and you're probably already being targeted. If you have a target 200 meters away from your targeted spot, scope in, and on the lines of your scope, aim your cross-hairs 200 meters over the target. Likewise, aim 100 meters below the cross-hairs for targets that are 400 meters away from you.

For me, the hardest part of this, is finding out what each line on your scope represents - that's why using a scope, rifle, and equipment that you are most comfortable with is important. You react quickly to adjustments, because you know what your capabilities are with your equipment.

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Sniping from heights.
Sniping from heights. | Source

Tips for Snipers that Rush

Here is where the line of separation is drawn; When a sniper is comfortable enough with his/her skill, chosen equipment and set-up to rush towards the enemy to affect game-play. This is always the case when gamers who love to snipe, end up on small or mid-sized maps that are designed for confrontations. Normally - and I use this word loosely - players change out their guns to match the maps and game play. But, some of us just can't put the damn thing down. So, we learn to adapt to the gameplay.

When rushing, using a gun that is designed with the quickest velocity will ensure hits when your target is running. While rushing, stealth is out the window, so there is no need for perks or set-ups that need to be wasted. Use perks and set-ups to protect yourself as you would in rushing with other rifles. Silencers keep you off the map, but if there's chatter by the enemy, that really doesn't matter.

Low X-Scopes and High Sensitivity

When rushing, using iron sights, or a lower powered scope, like a 3x or 4x makes the rush more manageable. Being able to scope in quickly for head-shots is the objective. Making clean head-shots during rushing makes it easier on yourself, and in helping your team mates out. Using a 8x or higher scope when an opponent pops-up unexpectedly may make it hard for you to scope-in for a head-shot.

Not getting a one-shot-kill will give your opponent time to level his aim at you, or your team mates. Be quick and ready to utilize your secondary weapon to finish off your opponent. Remember, as long as your first sniper shot has hit him, it won't take much for your secondary weapon to finish him. Always be ready to switch to your secondary when your opponent is still coming at you.

Using a higher sensitivity will not only make your movements harder for others to track, but it will also make it possible for you to keep your enemy in your scope sight. It's frustrating to track a running opponent and not be able to catch up to him because your sensitivity is too low. A higher sensitivity also makes it easier for you to get the upper hand in melees should your opponent get too close to you.

Sensitivity is a touchy issue. Some players are most comfortable on a very low setting - in long range shots, the lower your sensitivity is, the easier it is to line up your sights on a far target. For some snipers, they are very comfortable with scoping in and out for their shots while rushing. Whichever works the best for you, will be the key, but exploring other levels of game play is always an option to keep open to.

Variable Sniper Damage

For most first person shooter (FPS) games, they have NERFed the one-shot-kills out of sniper rifles, you need to be able to go to a secondary weapon that you are comfortable with. When your first shot is not enough to kill your opponent, automatically switch off to your secondary to finish the job. Make it a good habit to always do when shooting.

The only way you can you can contrast the 'nerfed' sniper damage, is to always aim for the head. Of course this is not always necessary, especially if you are 'rushing'. But, I'm sure you know that practice always makes perfect.

Time is of the essence when it comes to re-loads. Try to reload before you actually use your last bullet, you may be able to shave a full second off of the reload time.

No Scope

When in a small map, you will from time to time, bump into your enemy around corners. You should always be ready to do one of two things - point and shoot your rifle without aim, or utilize your knife. Some rifles are better than others at no-scoping. Normally, when no-scoping, your opponent is close enough to qualify for a one-shot-kill.


Sniping Tips

There are so many tips that could be shared, but the biggest thing that you could do to improve your play is to practice, practice, and practice. Due to periodic 'Nerfing', the term Quick-scoping has evolved from what use to be not scoping all the way in, to scoping fully in on your target and firing a shot. If not fully scoped in on target, your bullet will wander, and most assuredly you will miss your mark.

Everything, and everyone in the game affects the play, and you should know how to answer the play - when to play offensively, and when to back off or hang back. After playing the game and maps, you'll get a feel of which way the enemy will spawn, and more often than not, you'll find yourself being at the right place, at the right time.

Especially on small to mid-sized maps, if you've got a nice little spot that you've been picking off targets on, as soon as you feel like some one will be flanking you, some one will be flanking you. Always move after picking off a few targets.

Snipers should avoid the middle of the map which is where most of the noise will be coming from - unless you are rushing. Always try to stick to the outskirts of any map, and do your best to flank the enemy, because he is doing his best to flank you.

Know your maps, always choose the path that's off the beaten path. This is how you will be able to pick off your targets from outside the action. Know routes that will keep you out of sight, as well as points that will offer you the wides view, and best coverage.

Always seek cover. Whenever choosing a direction to move, always know where your cover is. Being behind a rock, or moving back and forth into the cover of a hillside, or head-gltching from behind a few crates will add to your advantage. Never stand in the open, and never be a still target.

Practice, practice, practice seems to be the best advice in gaming, and in life. Peace. Kawi.


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