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How to Investigate an Unknown Transaction or Charges on Your Playstation Network Account

Updated on September 28, 2012

If you have a Playstation 3 (PS3), you may already know that you have the ability to purchase games, accessory packs, and other products through the internet directly from your game console. This is done by adding your credit card information to your Playstation Network account.

As I have also learned, you need to be careful with your account especially if you have children in the house using the Playstation. Keep an eye out on your bank account to make sure that unauthorized purchases are not made with your information. My kids certainly are tempted by all the variety of games that are available and with one click of the Playstation controller, it is quite easy to purchase a game by mistake. Games that are bought through the Playstation directly are not returnable.

If you have seen an unauthorized transaction on your Playstation network account, here's how you can investigate what purchase was made and then determine how to address it.

  1. Turn on your PS3 and log on to your Playstation Network account.
  2. Once the screen has loaded, click on Account Management.
  3. Scroll down and click on Transaction Management.
  4. Then click on Transaction History to see which transactions have been made on the account recently.
  5. You will then be prompted to select a date range to view. Select a wide enough range (at least 4 weeks) since transactions may sometimes take 2-3 weeks to post to your account.
  6. The system will then search and give you a list of transactions to view. If you click on a particular transaction, it will show you what game or product was purchased with the date.

If you do not see a transaction listed, but were charged - contact Playstation at 1-800-345-7669 for additional assistance. You can also contact Playstation with any other questions that you might have about your game console. They have always been very helpful and courteous when I've called.

Tips for Preventing Unauthorized Purchases by Your Children on Your Playstation 3 Console:

  • Make it clear to your kids that they can only purchase items with your permission. I usually stand right with them if I am allowing them to buy something.
  • Immediately delete your credit card information from the system when you are done with the purchase. That way they can't purchase something by accident.
  • If they have bought something without your consent, consider making them pay for it out of their allowance or take away their game privileges for some time.

Hopefully these tips can help you successfully manage your Playstation Network account with your children! Your PS3 can continue to be fun for everyone if you take a few precautionary steps to prevent unneeded charges to your account. Have any other great tips? Share them below!


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