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How to Keep WWF No Mercy on the N64 Up to Date

Updated on April 13, 2014
Here's AJ in his latter-day TNA garb in a basic outfit you can make on No Mercy.
Here's AJ in his latter-day TNA garb in a basic outfit you can make on No Mercy. | Source

Staying Current

WWF No Mercy first hit the scene in late 2000, so with nearly 14 years of time passing, it's bound to be somewhat out of date. While much of the roster in the game has either switch companies, retired, or sadly passed away, you also have the ability to craft characters with a create a wrestler tool. It would be easy to assume that this mode would be fairly limited, but thanks to having so many options, you can have a fairly up-to-date roster of pro wrestlers as long as you can accept that some substitutions will have to be made regarding their moveset.

For example, while AJ Styles isn't in the game and there isn't a proper Styles Clash finisher for him, there's a great workaround. With the front face pancake move and the special-only cradle, you can get a reasonable facsimile of his Styles Clash>Cradle pinfall combo. There isn't a Pele kick, but there is something very close to it as a behind the back counter that is honestly better than the Pele kick in the TNA Wrestling Impact game.

A modern act like the Shield can be made thanks to the Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan's riot squad gear being included. Seth Rollins' moveset suffers a bit, but Roman's can be replicated well by using the Misawa-esque flying elbow strike instead of the Superman punch, while Ambrose's headlock driver can be replicated with either Jeff Jarrett's Stroke or Grand Master Sexay's full-nelson facebuster. While it's hard to make Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family, both Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper can be easily crafted as in-game CAWs, with Harper's expansive moveset being perfect for this game, and Bray's explosive offense being replicated fairly well thanks to the moves in this game having a lot of life to them.

The best overall advice I can give is to pay attention to not only what moves are done, but the body language any overall pace of a wrestler's style. With acts like Bray Wyatt, body language plays a large part in things - so you want to go with things like DDP's corner-lean and lift up - it's not a perfect replacement for the spider walk, but it's the closest thing in the game. You could also do that and go with the front flip to a standing position.

The Shield against the Wyatts in No Mercy

The Shield against the Wyatts in No Mercy
The Shield against the Wyatts in No Mercy

The MMA Influence

Aki's prior game before No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 featured an MMA mode in it. While this mode didn't make it into No Mercy, many of its moves did. As a result, it's possible to update Brock Lesnar with a version of his MMA fighter/pro wrestling hybrid character from 2012 until now thanks to the ground and pound takedowns and attacks. You can also make a pretty accurate Ronda Rousey and have her armbar people into submission very quickly.

Ronda Rousey vs. Ryback in No Mercy

Roman Reigns vs. Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt vs. AJ Styles


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