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How to Kill a Dragon in Skyrim

Updated on November 13, 2011
Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Killing Dragons

Dragons are unarguably the mascot of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And, unlike many games, Bethesda doesn't hesitate to throw them at you randomly. As the Dragonborn, you have a particular interest in slaying these fierce beasts, who are said to be harbingers of the End Times. But, when you are faced with your first real dragon fight, you may find yourself a bit intimidated. Don't be! The nice thing about dragons is that they level up with you, meaning you won't find an unbeatable battle hurtling toward you from the skies.

Nothing to be scared of here.
Nothing to be scared of here.

Dragons usually have a very predictable fighting pattern. They fly overhead, shooting down fire or another shout, then land for ground combat. The key is to attack the dragon while flying with magic or arrows. The dragon occasionally will halt in midair, making it an easy shot. If you're quick, or you're in an area that makes it difficult to land, you may be able to shoot it right out of the sky.

If not, though, eventually the dragon will alight and crawl over the Earth, seeking you with its jaws and fiery breath. Beware its shouts, as they can do some real damage.

Pictured: Not where you want to be.
Pictured: Not where you want to be.

If you get hit, use a restoration spell and heal yourself, or drink potions. You can cast a restoration spell on yourself while the dragon is still shooting fire at you and not take net damage, just don't run out of mana.

Keep hitting the dragon with your weapon of choice. If it takes off again, bring out your magic or bow again, and then repeat as needed until the dragon goes down. It will burst into flames shortly before death, and you will absorb its soul as a new ability. Dragons have some pretty sweet loot, so don't forget to collect your spoils.


And that's all there is to it! I personally find dragons to be easier foes than the Giants and their mammoths, although they are much showier and more fun to kill. So, get out there and start slaying them! If you haven't purchased the game, I can't recommend it enough. It's great fun, beautiful, and will suck up hundreds of hours of your life. (That's a good thing! I swear!)


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    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 5 years ago from Winnipeg

      Great pics, almost like being there... The game sounds like a real adventure. Thanks for the info!

    • Gofygure profile image

      Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA

      One of my favorite things to do in Skyrim is get cool screenshots. ;) Bit geeky? Oh my yes. But I think it just attests to the immersion of Skyrim that I want to document my experiences in it.

    • profile image

      boyo1365 5 years ago

      im level 14 and i love to kill Vampires they are so easy and ive become a vampire my self. I have extrodinary powers and next i plan on becoming a werewolf.

    • profile image

      ChaosQueen-0 5 years ago

      @ boyo if you become a werewolf you can no longer be a vampire unless you get cured of lycanthropy which involves completing the Companion Questline. It is much simpler to just stay a vampire as to doing the quest to become a werewolf but the pros of being a werewolf make it well worth not being able to become a vampire,SPOILER, especially the daedric artifact that gives you infinate number of transformations a day,END SPOILER.

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