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How to Last Long in Survival Mode Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Updated on November 12, 2011

Survival Mode is great fun and right off the bat, you have a better chance surviving if you work with someone you can communicate with via headset or co-op on the same PlayStation.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will last longer than ever before. I have reached level 40 using these tips. Lock and load people!

Step 1

Don’t buy any guns or ammo for about ten waves. After a while the enemies are going to start dropping quality weapons; save up on the cash you will need it! If you have to…. buy ammo but do not buy any weapons. Just pick up what the enemies drop.

Step 2

In co-op stay on the two opposite ends of the map up to level 20. This way the opponents will be more evenly spread so you don’t get surrounded. After level 20 this method won’t work as you will need to work together.

Step 3

Buy a sentry gun each in co-op. Put the sentry gun up on a building and protect it with gun fire and claymores. Sentry guns will serve you will against the Juggernaut and attack helicopters. If you leave the sentry guns on their own they will get destroy.

Step 4

After level 25 make sure you and your partner have either a delta squad or riot shield squad to support you. Use air strikes when you have several enemies in a small vicinity.

Step 5

Fight close to a building. You will have to fight near a building because of helicopters. Helicopters are easier to destroy in a building, this way you can recover from receiving high damage. Also you can place claymores and c4 tactically in a building.

Step 6

After level 25 buy body ammo and revive after each round if you get killed. You can also share money in co-op.


These steps ad tips only apply if you are reached a good level which is around level 25-30. Till then keep fighting and learning your favourite map and your profile will level as you go on. Look out for the dogs and stay frosty soldier. Over and out.


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    • johnshade profile image

      johnshade 6 years ago from Pandora

      you are good :)

    • profile image

      FkU2Xtrailchoc 6 years ago

      on mw3 offline my best wave survived is 57 and u might think im shit or u could think im good!