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How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles & Get More Liquid Diviniums

Updated on June 22, 2017

Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles

In Black Ops 3 Zombies, you can level up to rank 35. As you level up, you will unlock more classic gobblegums. You can choose to prestige to a higher ranker once you reach level 35. Note that once you prestige, you'll lose the gobblegums and weapon upgrades you acquired unless you permanently unlock something.

Spending points in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles will eventually unlock liquid diviniums. Liquid diviniums are used to power up Dr. Monty's factory to unlock random gobblegums that range from rare to to extremely rare. You can spend one, two, or three liquid diviniums at a time. Spending more will increase the chance of acquiring a rarer gobblegum.

How to Find Liquid Diviniums

  • Using the mystery box, pack-a-punch, and using a teleporter
  • Buying perks, wall weapons, ammo, and buying gobblegums
  • Opening barricades, buying a trap, and activating a turret
  • Spending points in general

How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles

The best way to level up fast in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles is by making as many points in the shortest time possible. Play maps that you are good at and ones that allow you to make points faster.

Bowie Knife (or Sickle)

Knifing zombies is one of the quickest ways to make a lot of points to level up. In the earlier rounds, you should knife zombies as much as possible because you get 130 points which is about double the amount you get for shooting a zombie. Buy the bowie knife as soon as possible. It can kill zombies in one or two hits a little past round 10. Use the gobblegum "sword flay" to deal 5x as much melee damage (lasts 2.5 minutes).

Headshots with Assault Rifles

Just because a weapon is powerful does not mean it's good for making points. For example, the thundergun and the ray gun mark 2 are good weapons for killing zombies, but you won't make as many points. A great way to make points is to use a weapon like the KN-44 and get headshots. You get more points for headshots and each shot in general gives you 10 points.

Deadshot Daiquiri & Double Points

Using the perk Deadshot Daiquiri makes your weapon lock on to zombie heads. Use double points to make twice the amount of points. Double points are power ups that spawn randomly, but you can use a gobblegum that spawns one right away.

How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles

Running Zombie Trains

If you want to level up fast and make a lot of points, create a zombie train group. Find a spot on a map where you can get a bunch of zombies to follow behind you. Once you have a zombie train behind you, unload on them with an assault rifle and try to get headshots. You can make an insane amounts of points if you find a good spot to run.

Where to Run Zombie Trains in Black Ops 3 Chronicles

  • At the lunar lander pad on the Ascension map where the Widows Wine perk is.
  • In the Fishing Hut area by the trap on Shi no Numa.
  • On top of the Moon level outside where the large rock is (before reaching the teleporter).
  • Inside the dome on the Moon map.
  • The theater stage on Kino Der Toten near the power switch

Nacht Der Untoten

Sometimes you'll find good spots to camp and defend in Black Ops 3 Zombies. There's an area on Nacht Der Untoten where you can stand where no zombies can attack from behind. The second floor above the spawn room (where grenades are on the wall) is an excellent spot to camp. All the zombies will attack from the front; making it easy to shoot them. Just don't remove the stairs above the spawn room on Nacht Der Untoten. You can make a ton of points and level up fast on Nacht Der Untoten because it's such a simple map!

Camping Spot in Nacht Der Untoten

How to Get Liquid Diviniums Fast in Black Ops 3 Chronicles

Making points does not give you liquid diviniums, but spending points does. The more points you spend on a Black Ops 3 zombie map increases the chance that you'll unlock more liquid diviniums. If you want to get liquid diviniums faster, play on a map that has a lot of barricades to open, traps to use, and a pack-a-punch to use (and whatever else requires points). Ascension, Moon, and Origins are good examples.

Buying Upgraded Ammo

It costs 4000 points to purchase upgraded ammo for a pack-a-punched weapon. Keep buying ammo for an upgraded weapon because you'll eventually get a liquid divinium. You don't even need to use all your ammo. Simply shoot a few bullets, reload, and you'll be able to spend 4000 points.

Rebuying Perks & Using the Mystery Box

Sometimes it's good to go down because you lose all your perks; enabling you to be able to buy them again & increase the chance of finding a liquid divinium. If you want to go down on purpose, make sure another player can revive you. Additionally, do it in between rounds or at the end of a round.

Keep spending points at the mystery box. You don't have to take a weapon you don't want. As long as you spend points, you'll be able to get a liquid divinium.

x2 Liquid Diviniums

Sometimes Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will have days where you can make twice the amount of liquid diviniums. Play zombie levels whenever you can make x2 the amount of liquid diviniums

Buying Liquid Diviniums

If you have the cash to spare, you can buy liquid diviniums. Sometimes Black Ops 3 will have sales and items are cheaper.


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