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How to Level Up Faster in Utopia: Origin

Updated on April 8, 2019

Utopia: Origin is a roleplaying, adventure, action, survival android game that gives its players the freedom to build and craft almost anything. The game is noticeably similar to Minecraft except for its far more advanced graphics. Players are task to explore the wonderful land of Beia; this includes but not limited to creating a house (or known as hearth in the game) and a tribe (i.e. a group of hearths), fighting a T-Rex or a giant skeleton, riding a dragon and a unicorn, discovering ruins and faraway islands, and finally meeting new friends and family. The game gives a refreshing setting free from the saturated market of post-apocalyptic survival games.

Levels are important elements in the Utopia: Origin. Levels determine the strength of a player in terms of stamina and how much load he can carry. A level is also a key in making items since most items that can be crafted have a level requirement. Thus, all players in the game have one ultimate goal: to increase their levels.

Leveling up in the game can be a difficult and extremely tedious task especially if your character is on the high levels (level 30 and above). High levels usually mean a high experience points (EXP) requirement to level up. But worry not this guide will help you level up faster in the game.

1. Collect materials.

Foraging in Utopia: Origin
Foraging in Utopia: Origin | Source

The easiest way to gain experience in the game is to collect materials. These materials include plant-based-materials (e.g. blue phosphorus and leaf), raw food ingredients (e.g. lamb chop and meat), raw fabric components (e.g. cotton and hide), and construction materials (e.g. sand). Almost all the materials you can find in the game can be found anywhere so you won’t have any problem collecting these materials.

2. Mine ores and stones.

Mining Iron Ore in Utopia: Origin
Mining Iron Ore in Utopia: Origin | Source

Mining is the most direct way to level up your character. Using a pickaxe, you can mine stones and ores in almost all locations. Stones give the least amount of experience while obsidian, steam stones, ancient battlefield enchantment stone, and crystal ore give the most experience points. Mined stones and ores are also useful in upgrading your weapons and armors, crafting different items, and improving your tribe. Mining is simply hitting two birds with one stone in terms of gaining experience points.

3. Cut trees.

Cutting Trees in Utopia: Origin
Cutting Trees in Utopia: Origin | Source

Cutting trees also give a considerable amount of experience points. As trees can be found everywhere, including the dessert and snowfields, cutting trees can be seen as relatively easy to earn experience points fast. Large trees such as rubber tree, baobab, and marvel tree give the most experience while relatively small ones like fern tree, coconut tree, and apple tree give the least. Cutting trees is considered to be the most repetitive task in the game as wood is a significant resource in crafting, upgrading, and construction; this means you won’t have any trouble earning experience by cutting trees.

4. Craft items.

Crafting in Crafting Table in Utopia: Origin
Crafting in Crafting Table in Utopia: Origin | Source

Crafting items such as weapons (i.e. ax, pickaxe, sword, wooden club, and a fishing rod) and other objects can give a certain amount of experience points. The experience points earned in crafting depends on the difficulty in crafting the item. For instance, crafting S.S. Valor would need a great number of resources thus would also give a great number of experience points. Crafting advance items and facilities such as S.S. Valor would also require crafting and using special workbenches and workplace. Thus, you needed to constantly craft things in order to not only level up put also improve the quality of your items.

5. Cook food.

Cooking in Utopia: Origin
Cooking in Utopia: Origin | Source

Food means survival in the game. Food that can alleviate hunger (and thirst) can only be cooked. By cooking food using raw ingredients you’ve collected anywhere, you are not only surviving but also earning a significant amount of experience points. In addition, you can also cook feeds which are an essential item in capturing pets, mounts, and companions in the game.

6. Go fishing.

Fishing in Utopia: Origin
Fishing in Utopia: Origin | Source

Fishing, though not entirely popular on some players, also give experience points. Fishing can be done on any bodies of water (e.g. sea, lake, or river) using a fishing rod and a bait. The bait determines what you will be catching; in other words, the more uncommon the bait, the rarer your catch. The experience points you will be getting from fishing varies depending on what you catch. Rare fishes and water creatures like elf fish gives the greatest experience points. Common creatures such as frogs, on the other hand, only give small experience points.

7. Capture a mount, pet, or companion.

Utopia Origin Area Boss
Utopia Origin Area Boss | Source

Since mounts, pets, and companions are very important things every player should have, acquiring them can also give players a substantial amount of experience points in the game. Mounts increases the player’s speed and load he or she can carry. Pets usually produce an agricultural product or add color to a hearth. Companions aid the player in every fight with monsters and other players.

Dragon Mount in Utopia: Origin
Dragon Mount in Utopia: Origin | Source

Mounts, pets, and companions can be acquired by making a feed. Depending on what you want to catch, the ingredients of the feed varies. Feeds can be given to the creature you want to catch after stunning them with a club. The experience points you gain after taming them varies depending on the rarity of the tamed creature. For example, area bosses like T-Rex give the most experience points whereas common monsters life green lizard give the least. Taming monsters can get a little bit of tricky but the experience points you get after taming them is satisfactory.

8. Kill animals and monsters.

Fighting Monsters in Utopia: Origin
Fighting Monsters in Utopia: Origin | Source

Killing animals and monsters in Utopia: Origin is a common and one of the fastest ways to gain experience points in the least amount of time. Players kill animals to gain food such as meat, egg and drumstick and raw materials like wool; monsters are killed, on the other hand, to obtain orbs which can be used in several enhancements including upgrade weapons and armors. There are a ton of different animals and monsters which you can kill in different areas. Just make sure you are geared up before getting into a fight.

9. Light up some beacons.

Using the Beacon to Teleport in Utopia: Origin
Using the Beacon to Teleport in Utopia: Origin | Source

Lighting up beacons is a lucrative way of gaining a great amount of experience while exploring the world. Beacons are a means of transport between places and islands and can only be used upon lighting it up. Low-level players, beginners, or those that have not yet explored the world of Beia are suggested to light up beacons for the convenience of their travel and to gain experience points at 1000+ EXP. Lighting up beacons as a mean of gaining experience points are only limited to those who have not traveled and to other places (i.e. map is still cloudy).

10. Kill other players.

Archer Killing Other Players in Utopia: Origin
Archer Killing Other Players in Utopia: Origin | Source

Though killing players can give you some experience, it also entails a great amount of risk. Killing players can be done in a similar way to killing monsters and animals though would it would be more difficult since players can fight back. Before fighting off other players, make sure you have a mount and a companion and all the best armor and weapon equipped. And don’t forget to stack some food in case your health gets low.


Levels determine the strength and capability of your character especially to craft items in Utopia: Origin. Leveling up in in the game in the fastest way possible can be done easily given there are a lot of ways of gaining experience points: foraging, mining, fishing, fighting, adventuring, crafting, cooking, and taming. Leveling up, though, requires a lot of effort and only if you persevere enough you can improve your character, your hearth, and even your tribe. But don’t just strive to level up; enjoy and have fun as well in the game.

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