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How to Make Luigi a Playable Character in Super Smash Bros.

Updated on November 28, 2012

Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 was the first time that many of your favorite Nintendo characters got into one arena and fought it out. Mario versus, Link, Samus versus Donkey Kong. I remember the commercial for this game back when I was a little kid, and man was it exciting.

However, in addition to the eight characters you start with, you can unlock up to four more. One of those four characters is Luigi, Mario's younger brother. How can you unlock him? This hub will explain how.

Step 1

From the menu screen, select the "1P Mode". From the next menu, select the "Bonus 1 Practice" mode. This will take you to the character select screen. Here is where many of you will probably groan: You must clear every character's Bonus Practice 1 stage to unlock Luigi. Worry not, as I will explain in detail how to clear every course for every character.

Unfortunately, Mario had to wait until the next installment to look this cool.
Unfortunately, Mario had to wait until the next installment to look this cool.

Step 2: Mario's Bonus 1 Stage

Begin by breaking the targets to the left and right with Mario's fireball, then do a jump combo to break the target above you. Jump up the right platform and again use a fireball to break the target hanging in space to the right. You can then use a jump + fireball combo to break the next target above where Mario started. Then use a jump and jump+b combo to break the target on the moving platform, and land on it. Another fireball will finish off the last of the three targets from your starting point.

Next jump over to the left to where there are another two targets. This is where timing counts. You can break either one with a fireball, but chances are you will have to jump and use a regular hit on both of them. Just line yourself up and don't hit the button too soon or too late. The last target is tricky as you have to jump off the platform, and then back again to hit the target. I recommend a backflip combo.

Step 3: Yoshi's Bonus 1 Stage

Begin by breaking the first two targets with a regular hit. The next target to Yoshi's right can actually be hit through the wall. Just press attack and right at the same time. Jump up the two platforms above you and then another platform for one more target. The next target you will have to utilize Yoshi's flutter kick to be able to reach. If you miss, just jump back up and try again.

The next target is sitting easily in your reach towards the left. Then hover across the gap and use Yoshi's eggs to break the next two that are above your normal reach. You can use another egg to break the target hovering in Space to the right. For the last target, jump onto the moving platform underneath the stage, where you will again have to time Yoshi's jump correctly and use a normal combo to break the last target.

This Kong's got style...
This Kong's got style...

Step 4: Donkey Kong's Bonus 1 Stage

Begin by breaking the two targets by Donkey's starting point, then jump and hit the target on the moving platform, and finally the target up and to the left of the starting point. The fifth target is also reachable from the platform where you broke the fourth target, just jump and use an up+a combo. Use the moving platform to get up to where there are two more targets.

Make your way to the uppermost platform, and use Donkey's up+b combo to break a target above the moving yellow and black wall. Land on the small platform to the right, and jump up again and grab the other target. The last target will easily be gotten, just make sure you time your attack correctly.

Step 5: Kirby's Bonus Stage

Begin by breaking the target to the left and above you. Then use Kirby's floating ability to get up to the platform above you where another target resides. Jump to the right and use Kirby's floating to get you to another target. Then get to the top of the large chute and jump down, breaking the two targets in the chute and another third on the way down. Make sure you don't use any jump as you will need the float to save yourself on a moving platform at the bottom, where there is also another target.

Lastly, use Kirby's float to get under and up the enclosed area to the left. The last two targets are easily yours.

Step 6: Link's Bonus 1 Stage

Begin by breaking the target to your left. Then head right to another target hidden in a wall. Again you can break this one with a left+a combo. Jump up the two moving platforms, breaking the target as you go. At the top will be another target, as well as a target up and to the right following the curved ceiling. You can actually hit that target with your boomerang.

The next two targets are in the chute above where you started. You can easily hit these with your bombs. You can use bombs by pushing down+b, and then throw them with a. Then jump up the left side, finding two more targets above you and to the left. Again your bomb can take out the one above you, and your boomerang to the left. The one at the bottom is easily hit with a bomb.

A lesser known secret, you can actually see Samus not in her power suit in this game.
A lesser known secret, you can actually see Samus not in her power suit in this game.

Step 7: Samus' Bonus 1 Stage

Begin by breaking the two targets right at the starting point. Then jump up and break the target on the moving platform and the one directly to the right of the moving platform. You can use your beam to hit the target to the right, following the arrow on the wall. Then jump to the left and break the target. You can use a morph ball bomb to drop on the target floating between the two platforms.

Then jump down the hole to the right, breaking the two targets along the way. A shot from your beam will easily finish off this level.

Step 8: Pikachu's Bonus 1 Stage

Use a jump+a combo to break the first target, then use thunder to break the target in the hole above Pikachu. You can use PIkachu's lightning to easily break the targets to his left and right, as well as climb down the wall to hit the other target. Jump on the moving platform whilst breaking the target, then continue to climb. Again a lightning shock will break the target to the right. Jump to the left where you will see a little island with a target, and below that another target, time a thunderbolt above the one target you see, and you will hit the two remaining targets.

Step 9: Fox's Bonus Stage

Begin by breaking the two targets right by you, then jump up to the right for a third. Grab the target on the moving platform, then shoot left twice to hit two more. Jump up to the little island, then do a double jump for another target. Time Fox's up+b combo for another target. Fall to the platform below, then time Fox's ray gun to hit the target behind the two moving walls. In what is the hardest to hit target yet, fall to the right, and use Fox's ray gun to hit the final target.

Step 10: Challenger Approaching

Now, you must actually fight Luigi. Who you fight him with depends on the character you used on the last Bonus 1 Practice stage. Note: you can do the stages in any order you like. My personal favorite fighter is Fox, so I like to do his stage last. Luigi's fighting style is very similar to Mario's (interestingly enough his voice sounds the same in this game too...) he's fast and uses heavy hitting combos. One new move he has that Mario doesn't is his Luigi Tornado. Just avoid him when he's spinning fast. Use the stage to your advantage, as Luigi can't recover well if he's knocked off too far.

There you have it. Once you have beaten Luigi in a fight, he will be yours to use. If you die while fighting him, you will have to beat one of the character's bonus stages again. Maybe try a different fighter this time? Have fun fighting with Luigi, "The Eternal Understudy".

Who is your favorite fighter?

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    • flagostomos profile image

      flagostomos 5 years ago from Washington, United States

      Captain Falcon or Fox are my favorite characters for melee combat for sure. I had to dig up my cartridge just to play this game the other day.

    • jasonmstyles profile image

      Caleb 5 years ago from Wichita, KS

      This is by far one of my favorite games of all time. However, I didn't use Luigi. I used Captain Falcon in the first one.