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How to Walk in World of Warcraft

Updated on June 30, 2017
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I've been playing World of Warcrat since 2008 with the launch of The Burning Crusade. I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Short Version

You can make your character walk just by pressing ' / ' on your numpad. This button will toggle either walking when you are running or running when you are walking. This is pretty much the way to make your character run in World of Warcraft. You can find and change this keybind by opening the keybind menu and looking for "Toggle Run/Walk" under Movement Keys.

For those of you who enjoy World of Warcraft related rambles read below.

Long Version

You have begun your adventure in Azeroth not long ago. Maybe you chose the path of a warrior or maybe a mage or maybe even the path of a rogue. Nonetheless you began helping people around , doing various jobs for them in exchange of money or pieces of clothing that are imbued with magic capacities. Lesser foes began falling at the edge of your sword or suffered a fiery death caused by a tremendous ball of fire. No matter what , you persevered , killing foe after foe , helping everyone you could find , adventuring in long forgotten places just to vanquish the evil that was inside. Day after day , month after month , you could feel the power grow within you. Your combat expertise reached tremendous levels , learning new things along the way , discovering rare spells and abilities and gathering more and more powerful gear. You thought you were the king of the world , not a single foe could stand above you. You bested the Lord of Blackrock , the dreaded Nefarian and hanged his head on the cities walls for everyone to see and revel in that glorious day. Even Kel'Thuzad , the Lich Kings lieutenant fell before your might.

But a new world opened before your eyes , adventuring into the Dark Portal and discovering Outland. New alliances were made but one thing you knew for sure. You wanted to be the best there is so you fought and slashed and burned and froze every foe you met until you reached the Black Temple itself. You stormed the temple with your trusted companions and fought Illidan himself. He arrogantly mocked you thinking he could win but your might could not be stopped. People all around Azeroth knew your name , they knew the deeds you've done and the great evil that you vanquished. But evil is hardly ever gone...

A new continent was discovered as you went after the Lich King himself. The young paladin who was once a human prince , known by the name of Arthas fell into darkness and became the very thing he wanted to destroy. You could not stand idly by and let his rule of terror reign over the world and went selflessly into combat. Hacking and slashing your way to the very top of the Icecrown Citadel where you faced death itself. You thought this was all over but there must always be a Lich King or the Scourge would run rampant through the world. This duty was taken on by the greatest Alliance champion , Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. Not a single moment of peace...

As Deathwing escaped his prison and brought upon the cataclysm , destroying the world and forever changing it's appearance. Once again , duty called for one of the greatest heroes of Azeroth and you could not be indifferent to such a challenge and threat. You trained and killed and trained some more , helping everyone you could lay eyes upon , defeating every foe you encountered. With the help of the Aspects you hunted Deathwing down and vanished him once and for all. Peace was known again across Azeroth. But peace is never a constant ...

A new island was discovered. This was the Pandarens home , where they lived in peace until the Alliance and the Horde brought a great war and with it an even greater danger. As the mystical island became a battlefield , dark creatures began appearing known as the Sha. They draw their power from anger or fear which were more than abundant. Now it is again your duty to save the world and bring glory to your faction. But until that time comes maybe you feel like walking around in your capital city , wearing your old armor and showing off to the lesser heroes who barely started adventuring.You can do that by pressing the ' / ' button on your numpad.

Good luck hero ! And may you save the world once again !


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