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How to Make a Baseball Card Collection Complete

Updated on July 9, 2011

Since the 1800’s, baseball card collecting has been a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Collections include cards of players on baseball’s current teams to the all time greats of the sport. Enthusiasts have their own preferences for the cards they collect and a goal to make that collection as complete as possible.Many start out as a child with that first pack purchased at a corner store, a bubble gum scent still on the cards from the stick of gum included. From that moment on it becomes a quest to fill the pages in their baseball card albums with all the diamond greats. The hobby may advance from trading cards with friends on a Saturday morning as a child to attending baseball card shows as the passion extends into adulthood. Collecting baseball cards is enjoyable no matter the age of the collector.

There are many ways for a collector to increase their collection. Some will involve travel while others are just pure luck and a valuable find. Either way, exploring all the possibilities will help complete the collection desired.

Online Trading Card Stores

The most convenient of these possibilities is to search online stores dedicated to baseball cards. The internet is a good place to find items quickly and easily. You have virtual shopping choices readily available with baseball card dealers selling from their online stores. Find a specific player’s card from a certain year, or a group of cards that sell as a set. Comparing prices among the stores will help ensure you find the best value of the cards you seek. There is no easier way then shopping from the comfort of your own home.


Another way to increase your collection is exploring online auctions. You can find baseball cards auctioned to the highest bidder on websites like EBay and To make a purchase you will bid against others seeking the same cards. If your bid is the highest, and the reserve bid is met, the baseball gem goes to you. Online auctions are a great place to find rare cards you may be seeking. You will find them very informative on what the value of a card is by observing completed auctions for the same item.

Luck of the Find

Checking out the local flea markets and garage sales can be an invaluable resource to the card collector. People tend to sell things without considering what they are letting go for a small amount of money could be valuable. A person may clean out their attic and take its contents to the local flea market. These contents may include a box full of baseball cards collected by their son many years ago. While this box of cards is just consuming space in their house to the homeowner, they may turn out to be a valuable find for the collector.

Card Shows

Visiting baseball card shows can be a relaxing getaway for the serious collector. These shows involve travel, and are often held in hotel conference rooms with vendors competing for a customer’s business. Discounts are likely found because the seller has less of an overhead then opening an actual shop. If a star baseball player makes an appearance to promote the show, you may be able to get him to autograph a copy of his card. Exploring what every vender has to offer will ensure your purchase carries the best value.

The hobby of baseball card collecting continues to be a growing passion. The market to purchase these cards is expanding and becoming more competitive every day. Persistence and enthusiasm is the key to a complete collection of your favorite stars.


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