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How to Make a Dollar Bowtie

Updated on May 1, 2012


Have you ever been bored in a restaurant? Or anywhere out? You have nothing on you but some dollar bills? Do some money origami! In this article you will learn how to fold any dollar bill into a bowtie. Enjoy!

1.) With the bill sitting on the table face up, fold it in half left to right. (make sure the face stays facing out)

2.) Now fold the bill in half vertically (up and down)

3.) Partially open the second half fold of the dollar bill and flatten it out to look like a house.

4.) Repeat step three on the other side.

5.) Fold the flaps over (preserving the shape) so that both sides of the bill are flat.

6.) Fold both separate bottoms of the bill (the bottom of the "house") so that it lines up with the point of the bill (the "roof")

7.) Holding the bill with the "roof" pointing down (you will not be able to actually see the roof it is in side the bill) fold the top half corners in to form a triangle and repeat this on both sides. (The bill should look like a paper football at this point)

8.) Separate the tool halves of the bill and pull them gently apart. Flatten the bill and Voila you have a bowtie.

If these instructions were not helpful I've attached a video of myself folding the bill into a bow tie.

Now when you wanna really impress your friends, take a 100$ bill and instead of wearing a tie to that fancy dinner wear a money bowtie!


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    • Marla Neogra profile image

      Marla J Neogra 5 years ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia