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How to Make a Princess Carriage Out of Cardboard

Updated on October 20, 2016
Image by Chin chin
Image by Chin chin

Why Make this Princess Carriage Out of Cardboard?

My little girls who like playing with their Barbie dolls wanted to buy a carriage they saw when we were at the mall. It looks something like this carriage in the photo below. But it costs more than a thousand pesos ($60 to $200).

Instead of spending this amount of money, I had a better idea. We will make a princess carriage using cardboard. Why is this a good idea?

  • It involves less money.
  • It is eco-friendly to recycle cardboard and other materials.
  • It exercises our creativity.
  • It is a great bonding activity with the kids.
  • It meets the temporary desire of the kids to play with such toys.

Image from Amazon
Image from Amazon

Some Cons

Of course, there are cons to making this cardboard carriage. It may be not as durable as those made of strong plastic sold by toy companies. And it may not be as beautiful. Nevertheless, my girls did like playing with it.

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard box
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Masking tape
  • Glue stick & glue gun
  • Poster color
  • Paint brush
  • Old Newspaper
  • Marker
  • Ribbon
  • Button fastener – 4 pcs OR
  • Used bottle lid (metal) – 4 pcs, Balloon stick – 2 pcs, Balloon cup – 4 pcs

Steps in Making Princess Carriage out of Cardboard

Step 1: Mark the box with pencil or pen like in the diagram below. Take note that the blue dotted line should be drawn on the front side of the box.

Template for the Princess Carriage
Template for the Princess Carriage

Step 2: Cut on the dotted lines. Take note that the line on the bottom of the box is not dotted, which means don’t cut it out.

Step 3: Remove the cutout front and side portion (with textured fill). Don’t cut out the bottom part because that will be creased and glued or taped to the side (see photo below).

Carriage body top view
Carriage body top view
Carriage body front and back view
Carriage body front and back view

Step 4a: Trace and cut the following cardboard shapes. These are for the base of the carriage and for attaching the wheels.

Carriage base and wheels
Carriage base and wheels

Step 4b: Attach the base and wheels to the carriage body. You can do it two ways:

Option 1. Use button fasteners to attach the wheels to the carriage. This is how I first did it. But found later that it wasn't strong enough to carry all the Barbie dolls my girls are putting in the carriage. So, I reworked on the carriage wheels, hence for option 2.

Carriage body with wheels
Carriage body with wheels
Carriage wheels using bottle lid, balloon stick and cup
Carriage wheels using bottle lid, balloon stick and cup

Option 2.

  • Make a hole on the 4 bottle lids of the same diameter as the balloon stick.
  • Cut the cardboard wheels to fit inside the lid.
  • Insert the balloon stick through one wheel and out the wheel on the other side.
  • Cut the balloon stick to size.
  • Secure the balloon stick with balloon cups as in the photo.

Note: You can also use bamboo stick as long as the balloon cups fit the end of the stick.

Step 5: Make 2 simple carriage seats out of cardboard and tape/glue them on the carriage as in the photo below.

*I missed taking a photo of the carriage seat before attaching it to the carriage. It's just a piece of cardboard with length that is the same size as the inside width of the carriage. Make it any width you like, just make sure that when you fold it at about right angle the bottom part reaches up to the carriage floor.

Step 6: Draw and cut the back of the carriage seat ( 2pcs). Glue first the one on the back side of the carriage.

Carriage seat and back of the seat
Carriage seat and back of the seat

Step 7 Before gluing the one on the front side of the carriage, make two holes and insert a ribbon through the holes. This will serve as the horse harness.

Horse harness
Horse harness
Little pony pulling the carriage
Little pony pulling the carriage

Step 8: Paint the carriage with the colors you want. This is the favorite part of my girls. They did the painting. Don't forget to line the work area with old newspaper to avoid messing up the floor.

Painting Time
Painting Time

Step 9: Use your marker to draw designs or accents on the carriage body and wheels.

Princess Carriage with Wheels using button fasteners
Princess Carriage with Wheels using button fasteners
Princess Carriage after rework. Upgraded the wheels using bottle lids, balloon sticks and cups
Princess Carriage after rework. Upgraded the wheels using bottle lids, balloon sticks and cups

Want to make a really big carriage that your kids can ride? Check out the video below.

© 2016 Chin chin


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      Max Leed 

      19 months ago from London

      Nice Effort ,,


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