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How to Make a Toy Baloons

Updated on December 4, 2009

How to Make toy balloons

Make your Toy Balloons

A balloon is made up of an air tight bag which can be inflated by air or gas. Balloon are mainly used by children and adults during certain occasions like birthday party, Christmas festivity and used as a playing tools by children

Materials needed to make balloons

One will require a rubber; one can buy either synthetic or natural rubber for the purpose of making a balloon.  It is advisable to use natural rubber due to its natural latex which is preferred for its immense elasticity. The advantage of natural rubber and why it is recommended is that it can stretch to eight times its original length without losing its shape which synthetic rubber cannot. A part from rubber one is required to have a mould which has got a balloon shape like feature. The best form or mould to use should made from the stainless steel, aluminum, or porcelain and must be smooth and cleaned to for better performance

Steps Involved in Making Toy Baloons

  • To start making your toy balloon, pour the mould into the liquid latex. Ensure that your latex is colored before use, to color your latex you will need to mix it into any desired pigment. Get some tanks, on these tanks you will pour your latex and after which the form will be dipped into these tanks. Once you are done keep the tank at a good temperature and keep on stirring. Heat the balloon forms before Deeping into the tank with coagulant solution for a few seconds. The coagulant solution you may opt for is a mixture of water, a calcium-based salt, soap, and talc powder depending on the availability and affordability of any given coagulant. Here the salt will be the actual coagulant while the soap will the soap helps the latex spread in an even and smooth film, and the talc helps ease the removal of the rubber from the forms in a later step. You are required to heat the form at a temperature of 38°C -93°C, once you have heated the form, immerse it in our earlier tank that contained latex for a few seconds and then removed
  • Once you have your balloons you are required to remove them mechanically by blowing them off using a spray of water or air once that is done collect the balloons using clean baskets

You now have your balloon for that wonderful occasion or for your child. Keep making more by following the above step


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