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Tips for Mining Gold and CP in Avengers Alliance

Updated on March 17, 2015

Let me Begin

This hub about the facebook game Avengers Alliance, or more to the point about the gold and command points of the game, But what are they? Why are they important? Let's start with the basic

* Gold is probably the rarest and hardest materiel to get in the game, however its uses are limit less from getting buying command points, reforging weapons leveling up heroes faster to completing hard missions.

* Command Points is a close match to gold has far as rarity goes, but the use for it is very different. Command points are used mainly to recruit more heroes, but can also be used to get different costumes for the heroes you have. With favorites Like Thor or Spider-man costing 90 command points or x-23 costing 135 or Vision costing 200, you need lots of these.

I gave learned some tricks on getting both of these things so maybe they can help you as well.

Play your cards right and you should have no problems.
Play your cards right and you should have no problems.

First, Gold

Okay let me begin by saying despite the urge to use that gold too upgrade your stealth jets or to get more command points or upgrade your agent or weapons, don't! Instead save it, you will need that gold for more important things, such as completing the final task of your spec ops mission if you don't have the right heroes for the deployments or buying lock boxes for Loki or Magneto, Lets split this up so that we may see where you may save your gold.

* Upgrading your flight deck becomes essential for the game, that being said, there is no need to spend gold on it. Good friends can fill that spot for free, so long has you be sure to help them when they ask. You will need at least 6 friends to get the jets to the final level. Don't be afraid to just browse around on the Avengers Alliance facebook page and just ask some people to friend you with a small message stating that you need them for the game and you will have many allies.

* Don't upgrade your weapons, you will always find better ones just has you play the game.

* Don't spend gold to level up your agent. Be patient, besides leveling up is a way to earn gold.

* Don't spend gold on Command points or anything like that, there are always other ways to getting these things.

You should aim for at least a miserable gold rank, just for the 10 gold bars.
You should aim for at least a miserable gold rank, just for the 10 gold bars.

You can earn gold buy doing the variety of things.

* PVP can earn you 10 so long has you rank gold

* Leveling up of course.

* will have a link for free gold now and then.

* Missions can get lots of gold if you do it right. Try to save as many season one missions as possible, if you can level up some and then come back you can plow through them and get 4 stars each mission and get gold fast. Also some task allow in season 2 give you gold for completing look for that.

Don't be afraid to look through the earn gold option above, you may find something to take advantage of and earn some gold on the side.

Now that You have been saving your gold, how should you spend it? Easy, all spec ops missions require an epic boss fight at the end but sometimes you don't have all the needed heroes to do this, that is when you need 25 gold. Lock boxes often have some of the greatest heroes like Magneto or Loki, but hey cost 1 gold apiece, spend wisely don't waste all of your gold on this instead try to time it so that you are getting one replace the other or better yet so that you are gaining 2 but only spending 1.

* The new S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator has set task that one can complete, completing these task can earn you 10 gold and possible other prizes. This can be a very good way to get lots of gold but it doesn't seem like it is updated with new task very often or if they are they might require you to do something else first..

* New Daily missions is not only a great way to level up your agent and gain gold, but sometimes gold may be part of the gala prizes after beating the boss. Also the daily missions are often easier then season two missions.

Need more?  Go get them.
Need more? Go get them.

Second Command Points

The Command Points are probably the one I have most trouble with my self, But that is mainly because I don't spend allot of time on the matter. Here is a list of ways to get them.

* It used to be that sometimes enemies would drop them now and then but that is no longer the case.

* Boss fights give a roulette featuring 9 prizes, of those 9 is 1, 3 or 5 Command Points.

* Epic Boss fights is much like the boss fights except it gives you the chance to win 3, 10 or 20 Command points. Epic boss fights may only occur on certain missions and require certain heroes, and you must complete everything on that course.

* Some task in season 2 and spec ops give 1 Command Point for completing such as completing all deploys for that chapter.

* Heroic battles give the chance to win 1, 3 or 5 Command Points.

* In season 1 getting 5 stars on a mission gives you 5 Command Points.

* If you sign up with Marvel XP then you can get some CP just by completing some of the missions, gaining new heroes and by completing special task like gaining all the Fantastic Four.

* The lock boxes can give some Command Points but this should be taken into account if you are trying to get a certain hero like Magneto or Loki.

* The simulator may give only one or two for some task which is still better then none but it may not be the best thing. However this may not be the case always, check up on it now and then, you never know when the prize is in fact Command Points.

* There is a website called it will occasionally have links for free Command Points.

This may seem obvious, but don't spend all your Command Points on things that you are not of you interest, for example don't get Hawkeye a new uniform if you rarely use him but if you use him allot then you should.

As for getting lots of CP quickly, you can ether play over some of your older missions and collect from the boss fight and/or replay some of the missions with the epic boss that you can do. If you haven't gained all stars in season 1 then go back and get 5 stars on some of your missions, should be easy if you are really powerful.

Tell Me What You Think.

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Last Thoughts

Something that could work for both is the daily roulette. This can get you 2,10 or 20 gold or can get you 2,20 or 50 CP. Also the there is kinda of a check in pull that goes up to seven days once you reach seven you will get one Command Point, keep checking in once every day and you can continue to collect CP.

Most of it seems to be saving and spending it wisely but it works for me, so I hope it works for you. Go on then and enjoy your game and remember that you don't have to wast gold to get your favorite heroes or favorite costumes.


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