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How to Overcome the Online gambling Addiction. 4 Practical Ways

Updated on March 24, 2011


How to Overcome the Online gambling Addiction -4 Practical Ways


A professional psychologist will give you some psychological treatment to cure your gambling addiction. Or, some medicines. But the psychologist has only the theoretical knowledge or knowledge from the researches had been made on addicts and how they have overcome the addiction. There are very few who had been through the addiction process and became psychologist later on. But the following suggestions are taken from a practical point of view. These are very practical and the ultimate ways to get rid of online gambling. These are very hard in one way but very easy if you can set up your mind. You need your positive attitude to do it. Good luck!

1.       The first and easiest way to get rid of it is to make yourself understand that GAMBLING IS NOT FOR YOU. So be strong and get some ‘balls’ and say ‘no’ to gambling!


2.       If step one is not enough to quiet then follow this step. If you play on a certain gambling site, then send an e-mail to the SUPPORT and tell them you had been losing too much and you want to close your account. They will close it soon. If you play in more than one site, then do the same procedure. There are some sites those have LIVE CHAT option. It’s the best way to close your account. The LIVE SUPPORTER will ask you some basic info about you and your account to check that you are the person, who owns the account, and then they will close it immediately.


3.       If you think that first two steps are not enough for you and you are opening accounts to other sites, then follow this step. Take your phone and find the phone number of your bank or the credit card provider and tell them you have lost your card. They will block the card immediately. So you can’t use the card anymore. As we know that online gambling is about paying by bank/credit cards. As long as you don’t you have the card, you can’t play.


4.       If you are extremely addictive to online gambling, then you always find a way to play. Thus, there is a possibility that the first 3 steps are not enough for you. Thus, this is the ultimate option to say goodbye to your online gambling habit. Call your internet provider and say that you want to cancel the contract. If you are really addicted and you think you can’t stop it in anyway, then cross your fingers and call the internet provider. It’s your last chance to stop playing online.


Hope you will find it helpful. I wish if someone follow any of the above steps and thus quiet gambling then my effort will be fruitful. Good luck!



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