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How to Play 313: A Fun Card Game for Three People

Updated on June 5, 2011


Having trouble finding card games for three people? No worries. 313 is a perfect game for three, and while it can be played with more, three seems to be best for quick and exciting games. Without further ado, here's the how to on my all time favorite three person card game: 313 (three thirteen).


The objective of this game is to have the lowest points total in the end. Each numbered card is worth its value (i.e. the 3♦ is worth three points) Face cards are worth 10 points. The ace is the lowest card and is worth only one point.

Things You'll Need

2 Decks of Cards

Paper and Pencil to Keep Score


The cards in your hand equal your score. Each card is worth its value. For example, if at the end of the first round, you have 9♥, 4♦, and a K♥, your score will be 23 points. You will always have as many cards at the end of the round as when you started. The only way to decrease your score is get three or more cards that are the same or to get a run of cards in sequence of the same suit. For example, if, in the first round, you had three 9's of whatever suit, your score would be zero. If you had 4♣, 5♣, and 6♣, your score would be zero.

Making runs of cards or having more than three of the same card are the only ways to reach zero in a round. You can have more than three cards in a run. For example, if you are playing a round that has six cards in it, you could have a run of 6♥,7♥,8♥,9♥,10♥, and J♥, and your score would be zero, but you must have a minimum of three cards in any run or grouping to decrease score.

Dealing the Cards

Decide who should be the first dealer. This can be done in any manner. Take two decks of cards and shuffle them together. Every subsequent deal after the first should be from the person to the left of the previous dealer.

There are eleven rounds in 313, so there will be eleven deals. The first person to deal will give each player three cards. The cards should be dealt in rounds of one until every player has the required amount of cards. Each round will increase the card count by one. So, for the second round, the players will have four cards instead of three. This will go on until in the last round you deal thirteen cards to each player.

Playing a Round

Each round starts when the dealer deals out the required amount of cards. After the last card is dealt, the dealer will flip over the next card in the deck and place it in a discard pile.

The person to the left of the dealer is first to act. They can either take the card that was flipped over by the dealer and replace one of the cards in their hand, or they can flip over the next card in the deck and chose that as a replacement. You must keep the same amount of cards throughout each round. In other words, if you pick up a card, you have to put a card down.

Once the first person has completed this process, the person directly to their left gets a turn. Like the first player, they can chose the card that's on top of the discard pile or they can flip a card over from the deck. This process continues around the table until a player has ended the round. Once the round has ended, the scores are recorded and the entire process begins again with the new dealer.

Ending a Round

A round ends when a player reaches zero points. Once a player reaches zero, they must inform the table. The winning player must lay out their cards for inspection. Once a victory has been declared, every other player, starting with the player to the winner's left, gets one more chance to make adjustments to their cards. Once all players have had one more chance to improve their hand, the round is over and all players must count up their scores. It is possible for multiple players to reach zero in a given round.

Wild Card Table

Wild Card
Any 3
Any 4
Any 5
Any 6
Any 7
Any 8
Any 9
Any 10
Any Jack
Any Queen
Any King

Wild Cards

In each round there is a designated wild card. The wild card serves in any capacity you need for improving your hand. Each round the wild card changes. The chart to the right explains what card is wild in what round.

A Note on Aces

In addition to being the lowest scoring card, the Ace can only serve on the low end of a run. For example, a run that begins, Q♥, K♥, ___ cannot end with A♥. The ace can only begin a run (A♥, 2♥, 3♥).


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