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How to Play Bingo Bash Game At Winster

Updated on May 7, 2010
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 Winster just came out with a new Bingo Bash game. It’s a lot like their slots game but because it’s new it still has some glitches that need worked out, or taken advantage of.

Bingo Bash allows you to select whatever board you wish to use at any point during the game. You can select what board you wish to play on by clicking the arrows right under your name, each board contains it’s point value and number. There are 8 boards to choose from. Each board ranges from 800 points to 1400 points. There are 16 squares and each spin offers you the pieces of 1 through 16 and 3 free spins, 20 points, 120 points 60 points and 80 points.

When you spin and a ball comes up, it will automatically be placed on the board. The object is to fill in all the grey squares and trade off the white squares to those who may need them or can save for you for another board. Examples of this are, board 1 and board 8 are interchangeable. By this I mean the pieces you don’t need for board 8 are used on board 1. One person can get 800 points and the other 1400.

Because this game is brand new to Winster there will be a lot of people who don’t know how to play, please have patience with them, as we are all learning.

A secret that isn’t really of much help unless you are nearly out of spins is, if you have a full board, you can spin for 20 points. Each spin with a full board will achieve the 20 points bonus. That is until this glitch is fixed.

Each time you cash out you are automatically placed back on board number 1. Being pushed back to a card you don’t want to play can become annoying rather quickly. I would like to see that option changed. To have the ability to stay up on the card you want would save time.

If you are new to Winster be sure to fill in your profile and add a picture for extra points. Also change your default prize from a movie ticket to something you can us, like an voucher or gift cards. And remember, always watch not only your board but others as well. It’s a working community of friends helping friends, lets all try to keep it that way.


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