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How To Play The Dice Game Centennial

Updated on November 11, 2014

When people think about dice games using standard dice, I feel that most people think about Yacht and Craps and maybe Shut the Box. But there are other dice games that you can play. One of these games, Centennial, is a fun, simple game.

Game Board

Centennial is a game for two to eight players using three standard dice and a game board. The game board contains a simple row of 12 squares numbered '1' to '12'. You can use a manufactured board, or you can quickly create one on a sheet of paper. Or you can lay a row of playing cards from one suit in sequence from Ace (low) to Queen (high) to represent the board. Each player uses a unique marker to indicate their location on the game board during a game.

How to Play

At the beginning of a game, each player rolls the dice, and the player with the highest roll starts the game. The players then take turns rolling the dice and moving a marker along the row of squares beginning with the starting player and moving clockwise around the table.

The object of Centenial is to move your marker one square at a time from square 1 to square 12 and back again. On your turn, roll the three dice. You can use each individual die and any combination of dice rolled on your turn. You must initially roll a 1 on a die to move your marker onto square 1. After that you try to find a number on a die or a combination of dice to move your marker to the next square or series of squares on the board.

If at the beginning of the game of you roll 1, 1, and 4, you can use one of the 1's to place your marker on square 1, and use the 1 + 1 to move to square 2. If your marker is on square 3 and you roll 1, 1, and 4, you can use the 4 to move your marker to square 4, use 1 + 4 to move to square 5, and the 1 + 1 + 4 to move to square 6.

The first player to move from square 1 to square 12 and back again to square 1 wins the game.


It takes some simple mathematics to play this game well, but it's a fun game.


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