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How to Play Disc Golf

Updated on April 13, 2012

Disc Golf also know as Disk Golf, Frisbee Golf or Frolf, is a lot like regular golf except you substitute a golf ball and club with a disc (Frisbee) and the hole with a target.

The goal of Disc Golf is to throw your disc into a target within the least number of throws. You start from a tee area and throw your disc down a fairway towards a target. You may take additional throws from where your previously thrown disc landed and lay at rest, until you finally land your disc in the target. You can get birdies and bogies for going under and over par. The winner is the person who takes the lowest number of throws on all of the holes.

For the most part the rules of Disc Golf are the same as regular ball golf.

How to Throw a Disc

There are three basic throws used by disc golfers, the forehand, the backhand, and the tomahawk.

Backhand Throw

This is how must people are taught to throw a frisbee. You grip the disc with your thumb on the top and the rest of your fingers holding the bottom edge. Curl your arm in towards your opposite elbow, then quickly draw your arm forward while releasing the disc.

If you are right-handed throwing a standard disc with the backhand throw should result in the disc flying straight and then curving to the left. The disc will curve to the right for a left-handed backhand throw.

Forehand Throw

For the forehand throw hold your pointer and middle fingers together then grasp the disc with your thumb on the top side of the disc and your middle finger running along the inside edge of the bottom of the disc. Raise the elbow of your throwing arm up and bring the disc towards your back. Then extend your arm out in a side arm motion and release the disc.

Using a forehand throw will cause your disc to curve in the opposite direction as your backhand throw.

Tomahawk Throw

The Tomahawk is an over the head throw. For this throw make a fist with your throwing hand and pinch the disc between your thumb and pointer finger with your thumb on the topside of the disc. Raise the disc to your shoulder and then then launch the disc using an over the head motion and releasing the disc.

Buy a Disc Golf Bag

Disc Golf Equipment


Just like with golf clubs there are different types of Discs that you will use depending on how far you need to throw the disc. The weight of the disc and the angle of the edges will determine how far the disc will fly. There are drivers that will cut through the air for long distance throws and putters for short more controlled throws. For throws that are in between there are also mid-range discs, which are also called intermediate or multipurpose discs.

To start with you will want at least one driver and one putter, but a mid-range disc would also be helpful. There are many cheap disc golf starter sets you can purchase online to get you started.

As you play more and become more skilled you will want to acquire more advanced discs that will react differently than normal discs. That way you can make better throws by more precisely controlling how your disc flies and more importantly, where it lands!

Disc Golf Bags

No matter if you have two discs or a dozen you will want a bag to store them in.

In addition to holding your discs you can also store a bottle of water and a towel in your disc golf bag.


Once you get your basic equipment you will want to practice a little. Just like golf your going to want to hit the driving range and practice green before trying a game on a disc golf course. Everyone knows how to throw a frisbee, but you will want to tune your disc golf skills a little before hitting a course or you will be spending a lot of time searching in the woods for your stray disc.

Find a nice wide open field and practice throwing each of your discs using the different throws. You will be ready for your first game once you have a good idea of how far each disc will go and how it will curve.

Disk Golf Courses

A Disc golf course will generally have 9 or 18 holes, with metal pole targets that have a basket with metal chains hanging down. Some holes may be in large, open like traditional golf course holes, but other disc golf holes may be in much more heavily wooded areas. Most holes will have a Par of 3 - 5 throws.

Another great difference between disc golf and traditional golf course are that disc golf courses are generally free to play at.

Finding a Disc Golf Course

In order to play Disc Golf you will want to find a Disc Golf Course to play at. You can use the PDGA Course Directory to find a Disc Golf Course near you.

If there are no disc golf courses near you can your own disc golf targets or you can make up your own targets.


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