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How to Play Dungeons & Dragons Free without Books or Dice

Updated on February 25, 2013

What Is Dungeons And Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is the first fantasy role playing game that was ever published. It was created by Gary Gygax and published by Mr. Gygax's company named TSR. In this game a player could take on the persona of

  • a wizard,
  • a warrior,
  • a priest,
  • a thief.

A wizard has the ability to cast spells. This character type has a huge assortment of attack spells, and defense spells, and utility spells. These magical abilities included magic missile which was a spell that created several bolts of energy and sent them unerringly into the wizards foes. Another spell was shield which made it very difficult to hurt the wizard from frontal attacks. An example of a utility spell was knock which could unlock locked doors and unseen servant which created a weak force that could take orders. Orders it could take were anything from carry this purse to open that door.

The warrior specialized in fighting with medieval weapons and armor. The warrior was the hardest of the character types to kill. It was also the hardest of the character types to injure because of the ability to use the highest grade armor. The warrior could use bows and arrows, swords, maces, and more. They were the easiest of the character classes to play as they required very little thought. The priest, the mage, and the thief were the more challenging classes to play.

The thief specialized in stealing. The thief could pick pockets, unlock locked doors and chests, hide in shadows, and move without being heard. They were the lords of stealth and were harder to kill than the magic user but easier to kill than the warrior. You just had to find these bad boys.

The priests were like the wizards except that conceptually they received their power from the gods not from years of study.

Traditionally in order to play Dungeons and Dragons you needed to have pens, paper, and dice. You also needed the rulebooks to determine if the things you did succeeded. One person would be the dungeonmaster and the others would be players. They would create characters and have adventures in the world created by the dungeonmaster. It was a fun game of make believe without the arguments like

"I killed you!"

"No you didn't!:

Play Dungeons And Dragons Online

Today you can play Dungeons and Dragons with thousands of other player in an online game called Dungeons And Dragons Online. It is a massive multiplayer online role playing game in which it is possible to choose a race, a class, and begin playing in a heroic setting. It is free to play.

The races include human, elf, dwarf, drow, halfling, warforged and more. The human is the easiest to play as the human is what we are, we know the most about them. Elves are mystical creatures of great power made famous by folktale and Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings series. The drow are evil elves. Halflings are hobbit like creatures. The warforged are golems that are intelligent and created for war. They are magical constructs that specialize in battle.

Dungeons and Dragons Online gives you the ability to create a custom character or use a randomly generated character. If you are familiar with dungeons and dragons 3.5 I suggest you use the custom character creation wizard. If you play a magic user, I personally love playing magic users, start with a wizard or a sorcerer. The wizard has the ability to eventually learn all the spells in the game, while the sorcerer can use a limited number of spells often.

Looking at the video of the young woman's first experience in game play of DDO, you see that the artwork is impressive. This game is well made. It is based on the pen and paper dungeons and dragons rules so it is pretty much the perfect MMORPG for the original role playing gamers.

If you play a wizard or a sorcerer, I suggest you start with shield and magic missile, or shield and sleep. Sleep is an area effect spell and magic missile is guaranteed damage. Shield is a necessary defense spell, shield or magic armor.


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    • LagunaAlkaline profile image


      6 years ago from Camas, WA

      Great hub! I love Dungeons and Dragons and I play DDO also. Thumbs up!


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