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How to Play Green Farm for Kindle Fire

Updated on October 14, 2012

Green Farm is an on-line game as well as an app created by GameLoft. It can be downloaded or played on-line for free.


When you begin the game you must pick your gender and what your character will look like throughout the game. When you arrive at your farm you will have four crops of potatoes ready for harvesting and four raspberry crops that will be ready in nine hours. You start out with 500 coins and 10 dollars. Be careful how you use your dollars because they are hard to replace, once spent. Coins are easier to accumulate.

Harvesting Crops

To harvest your crops touch the crop square that you would like to plant. Do this for each crop that is ready for harvesting. Your crops will indicate that they are ready for harvesting when little gold stars begin rising up from the crops.

Planting Crops

Once you have harvested you will need to plant more crops, to plant simply touch a dirt square to plow. Your character will go to the square and plow it. This will give off little yellow sunshines (XP) which you should collect to advance to the next level and unlock more options. Next, touch the plowed square of soil. This will bring you to the market where you can pick your next crop. At the beginning of the game there will only be five crops to choose from: raspberries, potatoes, barley, reeds, and chives. Each packet of seeds has information. For instance, the Raspberry seed packet reads as follows:




XP: 1


This means that one square of raspberries will sell for 88 coins. They will be available for harvest in 12 hours. When planted, they will provide 1XP and the cost to plant is 40 coins. It doesn’t sound like a bad investment to double your money in 12 hours.

As you advance through the game more crops will become available. My favorite so far is Lilac. It costs 300 coins, grows in 8 hours, and sells for 502 coins. This is a 202 coin profit per square of soil. I currently have 63 soil squares. So, every 8 hours I can make 12,726 coins.

Adding Additional Plots

To add additional squares of soil so that you can grow more crops, go to the barn and tool icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Select tools and then plow. You will be brought back to your farm and a red square will indicate the next square of soil that you can unearth. You can move the red square by keeping your finger touching the screen and moving the square where you want it to go. When the red square turns white that means it is a place where it can become a plot of soil. Once you take your finger off the screen the white box will become a square of soil. Be careful not to let go until you have your square in the perfect spot.

Removing Plots

If you accidentally place a square plot in the wrong place you can remove it by going to the barn and tool icon on the bottom right side of your screen. Select Tools and then the Remove Icon (shown as a shovel). This will bring you to the main game screen where you can touch the plot that you want removed. The game will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the item, select yes or no.

Purchasing Livestock

To purchase livestock, go to the barn and tool icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen, select market, and then the chicken square. This will bring you to the available animals for purchase. Often the animals must be purchased for dollars and sell for coins. Since the coins are easier to come by then the dollars, I am not sure this is a good investment. However, it is fun to have some animals on the farm. As an example, the peacock purchase option reads as follows:




XP: 50


This means that one peacock will be ready to sell for 500 coins in one day. When purchased, the peacock will provide 50XP and the cost to purchase is 10 dollars. 500 coins is easy to make while planting and can take less time, so this isn’t a great deal. But, I love to see a colorful peacock running walking around my farm.

Feeding Livestock

When your animals are hungry a white thought buble will appear over their heads with a cob of corn in it. To feed the hungry animal simply touch it and your character will go and feed it.

Selling Livestock

You can make money by selling your livestock. Simply touch the animal you would like to sell. Five different circles will appear around the animal. Select the circle with four towers of coins. This icon will allow you to sell the animal. You will then receive a warning telling you how much you will get for your animal. For instance, at the beginning of the game, a full grown chicken will be sold for 198 coins. You need to decide if selling your chicken is worth it. You can choose “Yes” to sell your chicken or “No” to cancel the transaction and keep your chicken on the farm.

Workshop & Buildings

To add buildings to your farm, you have two options, you can: 1. buy the buildings out right through the market which can cost coins or dollars. For instance, a chicken coop can be purchased for 10,000 coins or 2. in the course of the game you will be offered a skill set. You can choose from four different skill sets that relate to carpentry, gardening, sewing, and food making. Choosing your skill set will allow you to obtain a workshop for that skill set. I choose carpentry so that I could build various buildings for the farm at a cheaper rate than buying them outright. Whatever skill set you choose, they all allow for the opportunity to make additional money (in the form of coins).

Farm Expansion

To make your farm bigger, select the barn and tool icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Select Market and then the expansion icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen which has several blue boxes and two green arrows on it. You will only be able to choose a land expansion that does not have the words: PREVIOUS NEED written in red. All available land expansions will not have these words. Choose from the available land expansions that you can afford.

There are additional functions in Green Farm but this short guide should start you on your way.


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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      4 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Looks like a game I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing this great review! ;-)


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