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How to Play Isle of Conquest - PvP WoW - Farm honor

Updated on February 18, 2014

Basic Isle of Conquest Strat

This is how Isle of Conquest is normally played for max honor.
This is how Isle of Conquest is normally played for max honor.

Where do you go in Isle?

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Farming honor in Isle of Conquest.

Farming honor and how to win Isle of Conquest can be the absolute best way to get honor. It certainly won't be the most fun way, but it certainly will be the most effective. In Isle you can expect the games to go anywhere from 6 minutes all the way to 12. Anything longer than 12 minutes and you have a ton of noobs in your game.

If you are not beating Isle in at least 8 minutes you are doing it wrong! I say this because the best groups will finish in 5-7 minutes regularly. If you are doing 6 minute games and you get 200 honor for winning that is 1200 honor in an hour. Which is unbelievable!

Quick summary on how to win-

Go on offense - Kill their wall ASAP(the wall is determined by the server you are on) - Kill their boss ASAP. Games should take 6-9 minutes tops.

How to win IoC

When you first get in Isle and look at your map you will notice 3 walls on each faction's base. The object is to destroy their wall before they destroy yours, and directly after that you must kill a boss to finish the game. That being said you have to decide if you should go offense or defense. And the correct answer 90% of the time would be to go on offense.

Why go offense? Going on offense automatically means that the game will end faster(which is a VERY good thing!). Faster games means more bonus honor for everyone. This is one of the most classic arguments pros have with noobs. The noobs say we can't win races and the pros say yes we can, but not all of them. Instead the noob usually suggests on going defense or attacking a different base that the other faction is known to have on lock down. Not to mention getting a whole PUG of 40 people to listen to you is nearly impossible.

Why no DEFENSE? Why should I almost NEVER go on defense? The noobs are right when they say defense helps you win. Too bad they don't realize that it is killing your honor. It increase the game length.Game length has nothing to do with how much honor you will get for winning. You get the same bonus whether the game takes 6 minutes or 30. Instead of you bombing the wall giving yourself a better chance to win. You are slowing them down just a little and holding back honor for everyone in the BG on both sides, while also leaving your offense a little lighter to kill the boss. If you are on defense with 20 other people. That means your offense is extremely weak and will have problems killing the boss. You being defense DOES slow, but if we are talking about honor farming this is NOT a good thing.

Killing the boss ASAP should be the only thing you care about. Like I said good pugs take 6-8 minutes to kill the boss and move on to the next game for more honor.

Killing Glaives and Demos should be the only form of defense. Usually you can just let the demos go. Going for the glaives is the by far the most important task. Pretty much the only reason to go on defense would be to kill the glaives.

Isle of conquest hiding spot for killing glaives.
Isle of conquest hiding spot for killing glaives.

Killing the Glaives

Glaives absolutely destroy gates. So when I said don't ever go defense, I was lying.. But only in the case of the glaives. They need to be killed and most pros already know that, so I don't really need to mention it. I tell everyone to go offense since it is easy and very effective. Having too many defenders is never a good thing.

If you kill their guys, they will spawn on your offense and slow them down. That is not a good thing. Here is a little video on how you go about assaulting glaives if you aren't stealthed.

200 Honor for a Win 100 for a Loss.

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Honor Breakdown

It is very simple faster games equals more honor. Even if you lose a 6 minute game you will still get the lesser bonus honor, which is still very good. You are talking a total of 200 honor in 12-14 minutes. Which is usually how long it takes for a crappy pug to win.

If you lose 6 games and all of the games lasted 7 minutes that would still be 600 honor in 38 minutes! 600 honor in 40 minutes is a very respectable amount of honor to get. Some isle games take as long as 25 minutes and can net you as little as 125 honor for a loss. Two of those games is 50 minutes. Netting yourself a cool 200-300 honor for your wasted efforts.The little amounts of honor you get do not make it worth it to sit in any game .


600 honor in 40 minutes.. That isn't very good you say?! Well that is assuming you lose them all! If you were to win all 6 of those games you would be talking 1200 honor in just over an hour. That is 1 whole piece of the less expensive gear! All that in less than an hour.

To me Isle is by far the best place to get all of your honor gear, so saddle up and get to farming. Be sure to share this common sense to your team in order to maximizing honor.

Maximizing your Honor

Now that we know that it is common sense that quicker games rule. What else can we do to increase our honor?

Well Chuck that is very simple. When a noob says," We never win Isle, or that strat is a losing strat." Tell them that they do not understand how to play this game and that the loses reflect them as a player. Too much common sense at one time usually does them little good at the time and they usually will call you a names and say you suck. Not to worry, this experience may have taught him how to play. In the following games he may start going on offense which speeds the games up.

Become a leader - Yes, a lot of the times people will talk back to you and frustrate you with their stupidity. I personally take the time to put them in their place while also keeping order in the game. Ordering people to kill the glaives, or get to the boss now. Get to Hangar, or protect the glaives! Whatever needs to be done.

Other than getting the players to listen to you there is no other way to change the outcome of a game.

So what have we learned?

Farming honor isn't exactly a science and boy can it be frustrating. If you are on the winning side of these it is a real plus! Sometimes it takes a while to get a good group of pugs going. Do whatever you can to help speed the games up, it will save you time in the BGs.

Another tip: if you are on the losing end of most 7 minute isle games and you know you are doing good. Just wait a minute before you queue. Letting a wave of noobs queue on by could be the difference between winning and losing.

Same goes if you are winning. Be sure to get out and queue at least 10 seconds after you get out. It will give you a good chance to get with a lot of the same players that helped carry the wins.

Are you an Engineer in Isle?

If you are an engineer then get excited. There is a really cool thing you can do with your kite that you attached to your back. The video below will show you exactly what you do in order to get in their base right away.

This is a well kept secret, so shh.

Simply jump off the hill and head for their base. VOILA!

Isle of Conquest engineering trick


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      Conquest Studios 3 years ago

      Great videos, I just came back to WoW during warlords of dreanor