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How to Play Kidnapped

Updated on September 5, 2012

"Kidnapped" is a car game that involves at least 6 people, but more people make it much more fun. For instructional purposes, I'll describe the game as if there were 6 players, but the game is easily adapted to more players. If you have 6 players, you will also need 2 cars.


The game objective is to find the members "kidnapped" from your team before the other team does and meet at the final destination first. Let me explain in a bit more detail...


1. Split into two teams of three. Within those teams, choose 2 people to be kidnapped by the other team and one driver.

2. Set boundaries and a meeting zone. If everyone knows the area, you can say "anywhere between X road and Y road. Meet at Z." or an easier way is to just say "however far you can get within X minutes. Meet back here". 15-20 minutes is usually plenty.

3. The drivers kidnap the 2 people from the other team and puts them in their backseat. The hostages are blindfolded or told to keep their eyes closed.

4. The driver drives to an area of their choice; usually far away from the original area they began the game. It's best to drop off hostages at an area they may be unfamiliar with. The driver must be able to drive to their area within the time limit that everyone agreed to.

5. After you reach the time limit, the driver kicks out the hostages (who are now allowed to open their eyes) and immediately calls their original 2 members to see if they know where they were dropped off.

6. The driver and 2 members that were dropped off work together to find out where they are. The driver then picks up his/her 2 original teammates and drives to the final destination meeting zone.

7. First team back wins!


- Make sure everyone has a charged cell phone.

- Don't use your phones GPS. That ruins the fun of the game!

- Remember, it's just a game. There's no need to go 100mph down a dirt road if you think you're losing. Stay safe.

- It's fair game to try and throw off your hostages if you think they know the area too well. Drive in circles for a little. Go into a parking lot and take a lot of turns. Go into a neighborhood, drive around, and then leave the neighborhood.

- Set the final meeting zone at a fast food restaurant so that the losing team has to buy the winning team food :)

- Looking for another fun car game? Try Padiddle!


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