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How to Play League of Legends

Updated on January 5, 2016

How to Play LOL: The League of Legends' guide summary

So, throughout this new player guide we will go over some useful concepts like:

  • League of Legends Meta;
  • Tactics;
  • Roles;
  • Jargon;
  • Game's Objective;
  • League System;

Things to Know Before Playing League of Legends:

There are a lot of things League of Legends is for new players and for veteran players. While new players choose the character they like the most and jump down to the fields of justice to a random lane (we will go over lanes later), veteran players need to choose a specific role, and a character that suits their role.

You can't always play for the role you want, as you'll be gathering a lot of hostility, since there is a meta in place that regulates what works and what not - and it is a team game, so you can't hinder your time just because you don't feel like playing a certain role.

So, throughout this article we will cover basic gameplay and tactics, but we will also cover what other guides don't - the inherent rules to play League of Legends... and what you really need to learn before you start raging.

Read on for the full guide!

Advanced Guide: I know how to move, I want to learn other stuff!

Believe me - I know what you mean!

There are countless of guides around the web on how to play LOL, and they mostly tell you to last-hit, move with a right click, destroy turrets and every other gameplay mechanic that is in use. What they don't tell you is what veteran players talk about, things like:

  • Farming;
  • CS;
  • Roles;
  • Ganks and their Role;
  • General Meta, Terms and Tactics!

Rest assured that I'll cover this in this article and that if you read it all you can jump into the game and know what people are doing!


League of Legends META Game: How it Works

The LOL game is a game where people face each other in teams of 5 elements, and each of these elements has a different role, objectives and requirements.

The field of the game is made of three lanes, or roads, and a jungle. Each of these roads has towers that protect your base and enemy towers that protect the enemy's base. Your job is to destroy the opponent's turrets and base, winning the game by destroying the enemy's main building called Nexus.

Here are the roles of the traditional META and their requirements:

  • Top Laner: Usually a bruiser, the top laner must win his lane by destroying the enemy's top turret and with this gather enough advantage to help other lanes. His role in the late game is to tank and get the enemy's carries (damage dealers) off his team's carries.
  • Mid Laner: A carry that excels in doing burst damage. The mid laner must be the strongest team member mid game, by doing insane ammounts of damage. His role is to not only win his lane but help top and bot lane as well. He does most of the damage along with the AD Carry.
  • AD Carry: AD stands for attack damage. The AD carry or adc must do most of the damage and he has to be the team member to carry the team when late game comes. These champions scale the most, so they become true beasts with gold and kills. He goes Bot Lane.
  • Support: His role is to support his team by making plays with CC (Crowd Control), healing or supporting with skills and granting visibility. Supports go bot lane (the bottom lane) and help their adcs without farming - leaving the minions for the AD Carry.
  • Jungler: The jungler doesn't go in a lane, he goes to the jungle and kills neutral camps for gold and XP, spending most of the time ganking - helping - the laners. He does ambushes and surprise attacks - and tackles the strongest beasts in the jungle.

So, what do you think you want to be?

League of Legends Basic Tutorial

How do I LOL?

If you are totally stranded and you don't even know the basics of the gameplay, you'll be pleased to know that League of Legends has a basic tutorial and a battle tutorial so you can learn how to play.

This tutorial doesn't cover the meta or tactics, but it covers how to move, buy items and win at the game.

It also teaches you how to upgrade skills when you level up and how to use them properly.

Even for players that are experienced in MOBA Games like Dota - I advise everyone to play the tutorial at least once - and I'm not quite sure but I even think it is mandatory.

How do you rate the League System?

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of LOL's League System

League System: From Bronze League to Challenger

The Ranked System in League of Legends is established by Leagues. You play 10 placement matches and these matches decide what league will you start your journey in.

When you get to a League you'll have to climb by playing ranked matches, which will net you LP (League Points) if you win them or get you to lose LP if you lose them.

When you get 100 points you can play your promotion series, 2 or 3 wins decide if you proceed or not.

The leagues are, by descending order:

  • Challenger;
  • Diamond;
  • Platinum;
  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • Bronze;

Each of these leagues has 5 sub leagues (like Bronze V, Bronze IV, Bronze III up to Bronze I).

Rate what you think of this ranked system on the box to the right!

You'll spend a lot of time watching this screen:

What Role do you prefer?

What is your favorite LOL Role?

See results

League of Legends' Terms and Jargon:

As it is a team game, players talk a lot, communicating and sometimes being bad against each other. One thing is for sure, there is a lot of jargon and code talk on that game, and you better know what they mean or you'll be left out:

  • Noob: Someone who has no skill, a newbie;
  • CS: Minion Kills (Creep Score)
  • Farm: Minions
  • Creeps: Minions
  • Ult: Ultimate, the lvl 6 ability, usually "R"
  • Gank: Ambush, an ally coming to someone's lane to help
  • SS: Opponent's missing from lane
  • CD: Cooldown
  • Baron: The strongest beast, in the river, it takes a lot of strong champions to kill it
  • Dragon: A Strong beast, in the river, it takes a strong champion to tackle this one
  • Blue: Ancient Golem, from the Jungle, gives you Blue Buff
  • Red: Lizard, from the Jungle, gives you Red Buff.
  • Pull: Attack to Pull Agressiveness
  • Smiteless: Help the Jungler so he can kill the beast without smite.
  • Smurf: Someone that already plays in another account, a secondary account

These are some of the most used terms, please ask on the comment section if you need help with another one not mentioned.

Help your Team with Global Gold


How to Start at League of Legends

The game is free, so it is easy to get and start playing. Here are the steps:

  • Register your account on the site;
  • Download the Client;
  • Patch it up;
  • Run it;
  • Log in;
  • Play!

It's that easy!


I hope that this guide has helped you. I know that when I started I was gawking on the chat and wondering what all those terms meant.

I also noticed people would flame me if I would pick a bruiser and go bot lane, so I started to see that some choices were bad choices - I didn't know a thing about the meta game so I was messing it up for others.

I searched around when I started to get insulted, but I couldn't find meta explanations anywhere, and when I did it was only about the names and not their objectives or what they should do.

I hope this article helped you, see you around Summoners!

© 2014 Rui Carreira


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