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How to Play Padiddle

Updated on September 5, 2012

"Padiddle" is a car game often played on long road trips at night. It only requires 2 or more players.


The point of the game is to say the word "Padiddle" and hit the ceiling of your car every time you see a car with one of its headlights or break lights burned out. When someone in the car does this. Everyone else in the car must hit the ceiling as well.

Then What?

There are many different versions of this game. Some are mentioned below. Feel free to invent your own rules, too!

Ways to play:

- Last person to hit the ceiling has to take off an article of clothing.

- Last person to hit the ceiling has to answer a "truth" like in 'truth or dare'.

- First person to hit the ceiling gets to choose the next song or radio station played.

- Use a simple scoring system: first person to hit gets 3 points, last person gets no points. First person to X amount of points wins.

Popular Rules

- If you say "Padiddle", you must point out where the car with the broken light is. Otherwise, you can be accused of lying.

- If someone says "Padiddle" falsely (ex. another car happened to be blocking the missing headlight), then they are penalized. Depending on which version you're playing, a penalty could be taking an article of clothing off, answering a "truth", negating points, etc.

- The game cannot be played during dawn or dusk as it is too hard to determine between cars that just don't have their lights on and cars with burned out lights. Wait until dark!

- Looking for another fun car game? Try Kidnapped


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