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How to Play PvP for Any Class in World of Warcraft

Updated on June 19, 2013
In the broken part of MoP Beta, people were exploring and fighting everywhere.
In the broken part of MoP Beta, people were exploring and fighting everywhere. | Source

Player Vs Player: A Whole New World - of Warcraft

Time and time again I find that people have never tried PvP in World of Warcraft. This is extremely surprising because of the amount of rewards and fun gameplay that can come from player vs player combat. Having started (on accident) on a PvP server where you are forced into PvP combat constantly I quickly learned to keep a watchful eye everywhere and what it took to survive, escape, or dominate in player vs player combat in World of Warcraft.

Here will be covered the basics of PvP, where PvP is, how to get better gear, tactics, and definitions so you know what is going on if you are in a group of people.

Darkshire, a common world PvP location.
Darkshire, a common world PvP location. | Source

Where do I PvP?

With the many changes in World of Warcraft over the years it has now become extremely easy to PvP from anywhere. You can easily bring up an interface at any time to launch yourself into a PvP queue to go to any battleground that is available for your level. At max level you should be able to go to any that exist.

Outside of instanced battlegrounds there are places in the world where PvP is rampant, even on non PvP servers. Common places are PvP zones, The Barrens, Ashenvale, Darkshore, and places that have a lot of racial interaction such as Stranglethorn. Some servers have unntaturally violent areas so pay attention to trade chat to find out where you should go.

Arenas are more hardcore areas to PvP and have the most difficulty. To get anywhere you will need a team that knows what it is doing, so try PvPing with others to see if you get along well and understand the game well enough to do Arenas and have fun.

PvP Basics and Definitions

There are basic concepts that you must understand in order to PvP well.

  • Crowd Control (CC) / Kill the healer.
    • This is one of the most important things. You can do as much damage as you want but a healer can make everything a hundred times harder. If the damage dealers are weak, focus the healer. If the damage dealers can kill you fast, try to CC the healer and get the cause of damage down first.

  • Crowd Control
    • This is a pain for anyone. This includes sap, polymorph, or anything else that makes someone unable to attack. Make sure you have whatever CC you have in a ready to hit place, and something to counter it yourself such as any of the trinkets from the battlemasters.

  • Location Location Location
    • Make sure you are always aware of your location, others location, and the map you are on. You need to be familiar with the map in case someone warns that a group is heading for you in order to prepare to fight or flee depending on the situation.
  • Friends Help a Lot
    • Needless to say you should be nice to your team. Friends help you when you are in trouble, where enemies on your own side can either help the other team to kill you, or make your life really hard.

  • Know your Acronyms and Shortened Words
    • Understanding what people mean can save your life.
    • For instance - CC: Crowd Control. DPS: Damage Per Second / Damage Dealers. Inc: Incoming Different locations (LM - Lumber Mill, and so on). Try to familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible for best results!

In the MoP Beta and Launch this area was covered with PvP battles and bodies.
In the MoP Beta and Launch this area was covered with PvP battles and bodies. | Source

How to Best get Better Gear in WoW PvP

Battlemasters in any racial capitol have gear that you can purchase with honor and arena points. Honor is pretty quick to get, and you are usually able to get last season's arena gear with it (which is the best gear you can get with honor). However, arena gear purchased with arena points will beat anything else you can get. This comes at a price of a lot of time and effort in an arena team, but is worth it.

For starters, try to farm battlegrounds until you get enough for the best arena gear you can get. When you get fully geared with last season's arena gear from honor, you are ready to start battling in the arena and go from there.

PvP Tactics Against Classes

All classes have their strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately with how many builds there are it is hard to know exactly what is coming when you see a class, but you can always be aware of what classes can do and be ready for them.

I played every class in the game in order to get the best understanding of what most annoys and inhibits them. Though it would take a book to best explain it, I will write a bare-bones "what annoys what class" in a chart below.

Warlock with pet in the Barrens, a popular place for world PvP.
Warlock with pet in the Barrens, a popular place for world PvP. | Source
Ability/Tactic Against Them
Druid: Feral
Rooting, Stealth Detection, Dispell
Melee has to be next to you, and Cats have to be invisible for best damage. If its a tank, Mark of the Wild is a lot of health.
Druid: Caster
Silence, Dispell
They have a lot of buffs that help them heal or do damage.
Death Knight
Silence, Dispell, Rooting
Horns are noise and a good way for energy. Melee has to be next to you to damage.
Silence, Killing their pet.
Pets do a lot of damage and boost the hunter.
Rooting, Dispell, Disable/Silence
Melee has to be next to you to damage. Paladins like to bubble and run away at the last minute. Do anything to silence them or make it so they can't cast - they also get angry and its funny.
Dispell, Silence
Shadow priests try to take all your mana, so silence and CC as much as you can. Dispell sheilds and such for best damage.
Mages are pretty much useless without magic.
Silence, Root
Shaman usually have a lot of difficulty with interupts. Melee has to be next to you to damage.
Silence, Kill Pet
Pets do a lot of damage and boost the Warlock.
Silence, Root
Shouts are noises, and melee has to be next to you to damage.
Stealth Detection, Rooting, Damage over Time (DoTs), CC Trinkets
Rogues have to be invisible for the best results. DoTs make it harder on them, and stealth detection annoys them and foils plans. Also, anything that breaks their CC on you is needed.

Good Luck!

With anything in World of Warcraft it takes a lot of time and effort to get good at it. Try to make friends who will PvP with you to make the time go by faster, or look for ways to more efficiently gain honor. Always be sure to plan out what you buy to increase your PvP abilities via gear because gear is very important and is the difference between life and death.

Try not to burn yourself out on PvP. It can be very frustrating, especially when you begin and have low level gear. It gets faster and more enjoyable the longer you go, so stick with it, good luck, and happy hunting!


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