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How to Purchase Steam Games for Up to 90% Off

Updated on July 29, 2019

It's Game Time

You plop down in you computer chair and decide, it's game time. With a few snacks and a soda sitting next to you, you hop into your game library only to find you have exhausted your minimal supply of games. You anxiously hope for some good sales on the Steam store, only to find all of your favorite games at standard pricing.
You stubbornly fork out the money to purchase the game you desperately want, ARK Survival Evolved, dealing $50 damage to your wallet.

Though this exact scenario does not apply to all gamers, this fictional and overly dramatic description of paying full price for a steam game must at least remotely connect to one of your personal experiences. The reason I chose ARK Survival Evolved for this situation, is because using the method I describe below, you can purchase this game for $7.00 USD, which is approximately 88% off. This method is completely legal and legitimate as well, leaving it a no-brainer to most people.

The price of ARK: Survival Evolved in the Steam store (while not on sale)
The price of ARK: Survival Evolved in the Steam store (while not on sale)

So, What is the Method?

The method I am sharing in this article is nothing new- in fact, it has been around almost as long as Steam has.
This method revolves around purchasing steam keys from third-party retailers instead of Steam.
If you are unaware of what a "Steam key" is, it is essentially a code that can be put into your steam application, and is redeemed for a game. Almost like a gift-card code.

Many gamers are already aware of purchasing steam keys, but some prefer not to use this because it is viewed as non-reputable.

Though this may be partially true, it is primarily false. This is because most of the popular sites in which this transaction is performed, offer buyer-protection and keep the customer safe from disabled keys/other issues.
That being said, I have used this method over 10 times and never had any trouble with a key not working, and have never had the need to contact buyer protection.

The 2 primary drawbacks of this method are: one, you cannot get your money refunded under certain circumstances, and two, you do not obtain Steam collectibles.

Other than these drawbacks however, the game stays up to date and is multiplayer-compatible. You will hardly notice you did not purchase the game on Steam at all.

How activating a Steam key is done, and what a Steam key looks like
How activating a Steam key is done, and what a Steam key looks like | Source

How to Apply and Use This Method

Purchasing the games is the easiest part.
First, you will want to decide which site you will use. There are 2 primary sites in which I have used:

Both sites are good, but I personally found that Kinguin offered better deals and cheaper prices.
To buy the game, it is a pretty standard practice. Just search for the game you want, and decide if it is a good deal or not. Both of these sites do add on taxes, so in the end, the purchase on Steam may be a better idea. However, it is rare the games are more expensive than they are on Steam.

You can now confidently add the game to your cart...

But wait! There is a way you can save even more money!

The price of ARK: Survival Evolved on Kinguin
The price of ARK: Survival Evolved on Kinguin

Introducing Honey

Because of this extensions mass-marketing campaign, chances are you have already heard of Honey (and no, they have not sponsored this article!). Specifically popular with their affiliation with popular YouTube star MrBeast, and their ridiculous YouTube advertisements, this extension is pretty easy to notice on the internet.

Essentially, this is a Chrome extension which automatically searches for, and adds the best coupon code for your cart. It actually works quite well, and I had my doubts when seeing this extension for the first time. Though it does save you money, it doesn't save you much. But every penny counts right?

You can join Honey here. We suggest you use Honey to shave even more off of your total, though its use is not limited to steam key transactions and can be used anywhere.

Honey also implements a sort of cash-back  system called "Honey Gold"
Honey also implements a sort of cash-back system called "Honey Gold"

Time for the Total!

After using honey and Kinguin, we we're able to bring the total of ARK: Survival Evolved to an incredible $6.44 USD. This is approximately 89% off of what you would pay on Steam!
To put that into perspective, you could purchase this game 7 times using our method, for the price of one time on Steam.

Did We Help?

Did we help you save money on your next Steam game? If so, let us know in the comments!
I hope we at least educated you on some new methods to purchase games for much cheaper on the internet.


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    • EstX Neyo profile image

      Mikey Karlovsky 

      10 months ago

      Perhaps I will try it out, I just am very cautious doing things from a third-party dealer.

    • BlueCreeper111 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Carefoot 

      10 months ago from Canada

      Yes, I can guarantee it is very safe.

    • EstX Neyo profile image

      Mikey Karlovsky 

      10 months ago

      That sounds super cool, but is it safe?


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