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How to Purchase the Right Video Game Console for You

Updated on June 16, 2019
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Nothing interests Rhojan Viloria more than writing about what he loves, anything in the realm of entertainment or travel!

Choosing a gaming console, no matter the scenario is a little harder than it seems. While you may just want a device that can play all the games you would ever want for the next couple of years, there are often minor factors which might prevent you from having the best experience you could possibly have. Simply put, choosing the wrong console can leave you $500 or more out of pocket and with an underlying sense of disappointment.

Have no fear, however, read through these simple tips and you will in no time purchase the console that is perfect for your situation!

1. Know the Type of Games You Enjoy

First and foremost, you need to figure out what type of games you want to play before buying a video gaming console. This is due to the fact that each console tends to prefer a different style of gaming, leading to a different set of exclusive games (these are the games that can only be played on the console) that come out for the device.

To make this easier for you here is roughly the kind of games that come out for each of the three current video gaming consoles:

  • PlayStation: Third Person, Story Driven, Adventure/Open World Games

  • XBOX: First Person, Action Driven, Shooters/Online Experiences

  • Nintendo: Platformers, Party, Puzzle Games

This is not to say each major console strictly adheres to these genres, as each has its own fair share of every type of game. However, a large proportion of their popular releases tend to revolve around these styles of play, so choosing the console through this method can be effective.

2. Know Where Your Friends are Playing

Playing video games with your close friends after a long day at work can be one of the best ways to relax and unwind. The worst thing that can happen however is buying a video game console without asking your friends to see what console they own. This can be especially detrimental when the kind of game you want to play has a strong online component.

While playing alone in a multiplayer game can be at times enjoyable, the online trolls, competitive teams, or lack of communication could drive you up the wall. If you value having a tight-knit group of friends to laugh along with as you shoot some zombies or solve difficult puzzles, it might be well worth asking where they play on beforehand.

Although, with the recent developments in relation to cross-play between consoles, this issue might become less and less significant.

3. Know What Games You Want to Buy

Carrying on from the first tip, now that you know the kind of games you want to play, it is imperative that you identify a couple of titles that pique your interest. Doing a quick google search of video games for the genre of choice should show you a list of the top titles for the console.

Find any that interest you, perhaps do some further research, such as checking the Metacritic review scores, and come up with a shortlist of games you desperately want to play. This makes the buying decision much easier, as you’ll notice that some games do not appear on the other consoles, or how one console version of the game is buggier than the rest. Through some time in research, you can astutely find the console with the games right for you.

4. Look Out for Gaming Bundles

If the games you want are on both consoles, if you have friends evenly split amongst the competition, or if you just don’t really care, what can make the final choice for you is the price. While consoles currently compete at a similar pricing range, it is important to be on the constant lookout for video gaming bundles for each of these devices.

These are essentially valuable deals which put together the gaming console, plus an additional number of games or accessories together at a discounted price. While costing more than just buying the console itself, the inherent value of buying a console already pre-packaged with games to go along with a lower price can make the purchasing decision for you.

If there are any games in the bundle that do not interest you at all, simply sell this game online or to one of your friends who does. You could also potentially trade the game into a retail store for in-store credit on another game you are interested in.

5. Each Console is an Investment

Buying a console isn’t the same as buying a cup of coffee at the local cafe, it costs hundreds of dollars and can put a major hole into your budget. Understanding this can help you further acknowledge the importance of the purchasing decision you have to make.

In addition, this is a multi-year investment, the games aren’t the only factor to consider when choosing the right console. Consider additional services such as Netflix, Spotify, and Sports. Think on the user experience of the menu system when you boot up the machine. Remember that each console competitor has various reward systems such as Trophies and Game Pass which aim to keep you in their gaming environment.

Understanding this could make or break your console purchase, so be sure to carefully consider, and to choose wisely!


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