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How to Soup in Minecraft Pvp

Updated on July 12, 2014


Hello there! This is my first ever hub!

In this article i will go over everything there is to know about souping in Minecraft Pvp servers such as Mcpvp! McPvp hunger games is a game i like to play a lot, and souping is a dominent aspect of the game that makes the difference between wining and losing.

Hopefully as a result of reading this, you will be able to fight like a pro, so keep reading!
My in-game-name is ZDFargnoli.

If you know how to setup a Bukkit Server, then there are various plugins you can use on your server to practise!

i. Knowing your controls
ii. Block Hitting Mechanism
Strafe Fighting
iv. What you will need
vi. Refilling
vii. Advanced Souping

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The Perfect Hotbar

Section 1) Knowing your Controls!

Performing like a pro goes all the way back to the very basics. Knowing your controls. Without these pearls of information, you will find souping very hard!

In a battle, if you don't know your controls, you will end up doing all kinds of crazy things like dropping your sword, or opening your inventory, causing your opponent to have a severe advantage over you.
Here i will discuss, or rather, tell you the optimum controls for fighting like a pro!

Before i go into what finger encompasses what input, i need to say that humans can process information faster when calmed. If there is adrenaline pumping through your body because you're in a heated battle, you are going to loose, unless your fighting a sheep. All i need to say is, don't worry if you get humilated and owned and you end up dying, keep calm and carry on.
I have done this before. One day i join a match, and its going good, i have full iron armour! I kept saying to myself 'Ill win this battle, easy' and i practice on trees and creepers on how i am going to fight. I genuinly think im ready to become a full jedi, but then the minute i come into contact with another person, all that goes out the window and i end up spinning around pressing the F5 and the Q button and before i know it im kicked from the server!
Right, lets get started!

Part 1) The Mouse

Unless you are left handed with your mouse, this will be a simple task for me to explain to you how it is done.

All you will need is your index finger and your middle finger/third finger (preference) on your mouse hand.

The left mouse button is your attack. Now the common misconception is 'spamming the click always works' but even in Minecraft there is a delay between swings. This needs to be operated only when (a) you have a clear shot and (b) you have a substantial amount of health.
I say '(b)' because if you hit someone, it means they can hit you, and if you decide to hit someone with half a heart of health, you might as well gazelle leap off a mountain.
The right mouse button is your block. THIS control is the new left mouse button control. It should be the one your spamming. You need to block when your not drinking soup nor attacking, for all incoming damage at that point will be halved!

You have 10 hearts (each heart consisting of 2 health.

Here are the full damages of each sword, i trust you can work out what half of them is!

  • Wood Sword: 4 health damage; 2 hearts (2 health;1 heart when blocked)
  • Gold Sword: 4 health damage 2 hearts (2 health;1 heart when blocked)
  • Stone Sword: 5 health damage 2.5 hearts (2.5 health;1.25 hearts when blocked)
  • Iron Sword: 6 health damage 3 hearts (3 health;1.5 hearts when blocked)
  • Diamond Sword: 7 health damage 3.5 hearts (3.5 health;1.75 hearts when blocked)

So with these statistics i can say with ease that blocking does make the difference between you partying all night, and being strewn across the floor.
If you blocked incoming attacked from a diamond sword, it will do less damage than a wooden sword.

Part 2) The Keyboard

This part is assuming you use the WASD keys and you know what they do.

You use the middle finger on your non-mouse hand for both moving forward, switching to hotbar '2' * and moving backwards. Now if your thinking "Oh nuts, three keys for one finger?!" then don't worry! In any situation you can't move both forwards and backwards and you shouldn't need to move backwards a lot or in a quick pace, this means its two keys for one finger, but you should be able to practise.
You use your third finger to move left and for your '1' slot on the hotbar. Ideally you want your sword always in the first slot, and irrespective of moving left, have one finger especially for switching to it. I will explain this more in depth in the next section.
You use your index finger to move right and to use the '3' '4' '5' and '6' hotkeys. I tend to reserve the very end 3 hotkeys for my thumb, as i have tiny hands.

* Slot 2 is usually your kit item (Blaze rod, Endermage Portal or any other item) and Slot 9 is usually your active using block (compass, building blocks, pickaxe)

Section 2) Block Hitting Mechanism

This section will teach you what block hitting is and how you can block hit too!

Block hitting is the act of pressing the attack and block buttons simultaneously (block then hit) so you increase the change of taking reduced damage. This strategy instantly puts you on top if your opponent isn't using it. So you can essentially fight two people not using this strategy and win if they hit you while you are blocking the same amount of times as you hit them while not blocking. As it halves the damage. So it means you can take on twice as many.

When you come into contact with another player all you need to do it press the right mouse button down firmly, followed by releasing it and pressing the left mouse button. This means you can only be hit, when hitting and that is why i say "don't spam the click" because you are then likely to miss some of your shots, in which you can get hit in.

This is what it should be like:
Hold Right Mouse, Release Right Mouse, Instantly Tap Left Mouse, Instantly Hold Right Mouse, Repeat
(Note that this is just the logic loop of block hitting, and that you don't actually walk around holding the block button for that slows you down and makes you look scared* or declaring yourself peaceful to other players)

* This could be used effectivly as a trap if you have confidence in yourself

That is how to block hit for your blocking and hitting simultaneously narrowing down the gap where you are vulnerable by a vast amount, but remember to only block when you are sure you can hit them. I know fights can be over in under 5 seconds, but don't go 100% crazy, just give yourself a bit of time to think.

If you want to know that your doing this correctly, go into F5 mode so you are viewing your character, and you should see your sword being swung through the head of yourself. It should look like this:

Once you have conquered the block hit movement, we can finally learn the very basic souping tactic.

You have nine hotkeys: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Your first hotkey is your sword and assuming the 2-9 hotkeys were soup then this is what you would do:
You would make a block hit, but while blocking press with your middle finger hotkey number 2. The minute you see the soup change into a regular bowl, hit hotkey number 1 instantly and start the 'Block Hitting Mechanism' again.
You need to watch your health very closely, and this becomes hard when learning how to Strafe Fight because then your watching your opponent, yourself, and your health.

So this is the pattern that you have to use to soup:

1 2 1; block hit till low health
1 3 1; block hit till low health
1 4 1; block hit till low health
1 5 1; block hit till low health
1 6 1; block hit till low health
1 7 1; block hit till low health
1 8 1; block hit till low health
1 9 1; block hit till you die a slow death

Some tips and tricks:

  • Never heal yourself when your health is above halfway (10). This is so (a) you get to hit them a while before you reach that health and (b) you make full use of a mushroom soup!
  • A mushroom soup heals 7 health (3.5 hearts) and this is why armour is a big bonus, because you still heal the same amount of health, but your opponent will do less damage because your armour is absorbing it

What do you use for your hotbar? (any order)

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Section 3) Strafe Fighting

The term 'strafe' and 'strafing' can mean many different things (originating from a maneuver from low-flying aircraft), some terms of strafing means running sideways back and fourth while attacking/shooting your target forward. This means you can get hits, but your opponent has a higher chance of missing. In terms of Minecraft it means hitting your opponent more than he or she hits you.

Now i know your thinking "that's obvious" or "i already know that" but its not as simple as that.

Strafe fighting is when you move your Minecraft character in a certain 'pattern' lets say, to confuse or make it difficult for your opponent to get an easy hit on you. This could be as simple as running through them and doing a 180 degree turn instantly (as this will confuse them for enough time for you to hit them).
Most people have a unique 'run pattern' which they develop over the years from trial and error. Combining many techniques from lots of players around the world to make them some indestructible overkill machine.
A simple maneuver would be: when you both charge at each other to start the fight, quickly dodge/jump to the left, turning 90 degrees to the right (or vice versa) and then you can either hit them straight away or go behind them making your opponent extremely confused, and giving you a head start by damaging them.

All you have to do, is practice some running patterns see which ones work for you and which ones don't, but there could come a point where you are stuck in a small area with an opponent. This is when you should keep them in front of you at all times and just keep your fingers on your hotkeys.

Section 4) What you will need

To be able to fill your hotbar with a stone sword and the rest of them mushroom soup you will need:

  • Either 8 cocoa beans or 16 cactus or 8 of each colour mushroom *
  • 4 logs

Here is what you do:

  1. You split the logs up into 16 wood
  2. In one go, you turn 6 wood into a crafting table and 4 sticks
  3. You place the crafting table
  4. Use two sticks and 3 wood to make a wooden pickaxe
  5. Dig straight down and get two cobblestone jumping straight back up and make a stone sword with a stick
  6. Make 8 bowls with the left over wood.
  7. Use the soup materials and the bowls to make your mushroom soup
  8. Done!

Section 5) Refilling

There are quite the few ways of refilling your soup hotbar. It is an important skill to learn, or rather a habit, for if you run out of soup in a fight, you want to retreat/escape and refill.
If you become good enough, you could even refill while in battle, but this is another thing to worry about.

Note that this does require you to have extra soups in your inventory.

Refill Technique 1)
Shift + Click
This is probably the most common technique used, it can be considered less practical, but it is more easy to do.
What this is, is when you open up your inventory, you hold your shift button and click the empty bowls.
This places all the bowls in the same slot somewhere in your inventory (sometimes it could be a good tactic to have 1 bowl ready in the inventory so you can choose where they go)
Then you Shift + Click your soups from your inventory into your hotbar.

Refill Technique 2)
This technique is used when you don't have enough soups left, it is probably the least quickest method out of them all, as it requires you to craft.
All it is is placing your bowls and soup materials into your player craft-box in your inventory and shift clicking the result to release them all into your inventory (refills your hot bar first)
This should only be done if your a far bit away from your opponent. This gives you the time to get more soups so you survive longer in battle.

Refill Technique 3)
This technique is used by more practiced pvpers. It can be done much faster if done correctly, but that said, it can be tricky and it could cause you to fault and get hit down.
What you do is you hover over where you want your bowls to go with your mouse, and quickly tap 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, this will place all your bowls into one place and can be done in a second.
Then what happens next is the harder part. You have to move your mouse over the soups you want to place into your hot bar. You move your mouse over so your mouse is hovering over the soup while you tap the keys.
So you will move your mouse over the soups while tapping 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. This will move the soups down into your hot bar, and if done quickly, can be extremely effective.
I have practiced doing this as quick as possible, and it took me under 6 seconds on average to complete, while the other techniques took me 8-12 seconds.

Section 6) Advanced Souping

Quickdropping is an advanced souping method of dropping your empty bowls while you are eating them so they can be refilled easily. Quickdropping is sometimes frowned upon by other pvpers.

You have to alter your controls so the drop key is the hotkey where you keep your sword.

What happens is when you finished drinking a soup and switch back to your sword, it drops the bowl on the floor. This means it can get picked up by you and place all the bowls into your inventory, or you loose it, but either way you wont need to remove the bowls when refilling. So it means all you need to do is get those soups down into your hot bar and your off!

If you are not very organised, expect to mess this up!

If you get nervous and tap the sword key twice, you will end up dropping your sword.

And that's it! We are done!
If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below!!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      There are better methods. I drop my soups with R right after i eat them, and resoup by shiftingg in my inventory. This method only takes about 1 second.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You misspelled lose twice, as well as forth- that's three violations in one article. Keep that up and you'll be in jail where you belong.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I use jump hit combined with strafing

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I sword on my 2nd slot. PRO SWAG

    • ThePlumecraftBros profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Say hi to me if you meet me in a game :)


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