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How to Start a Guild in Order and Chaos

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

Order and Chaos guild stone.
Order and Chaos guild stone. | Source

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About Making a Guild

Learning how to start a guild in Order and Chaos is easy. Finding the lady who helps you start a guild is the most confusing part.

A guild is a group of people who are all members of a large team.

Guilds have their own private, green, chat. They tend to work together, so that everyone can improve together.

The person who uses the guild stone will be the guild master, but that person can easily make someone else the guild leader.

To start a guild, you must be at least level ten.

You find the nice lady who sells the guild stone and purchase one for five gold.

The guild stone will be placed in your bag. Use the stone to create your guild.

You can make your own special name, and you can change the names of guild ranks to something unique.

Think long and hard before you name your guild because the guild name is not changeable. Once you start your guild, you can begin inviting other players to join.

Guild Stone Vendor in Silence.
Guild Stone Vendor in Silence. | Source

Making a guild in Silence

The guild stone vendor in Silence is on the balcony above the inn. There is no door from inside the inn to get on to the balcony.

This is sort of like how there is an Auction House on the Balcony of the inn in Beaoshal.

To get on the balcony, you have to walk around to the side of the building and go up the stairs. You will find an elf named Magria Starforce.

When you click on her you can talk to her, or click the green oval with a lighting bolt in the center to open the menu.

If you are level ten you can make a guild. This is the easiest to find NPC who sells guild stones.

Finding the person is the hardest part. The people at Gameloft did a nice job of providing in game information about guilds.

If you click the elfs speak menue, she has a whole list of questions and answers you can use to learn more about having, making and running a guild.

Be very careful, once you have chosen your guild name you can not change it. The only way to get a new guild name is to disband your guild, or make someone else the guild master, and make a new guild.

Guild Stone vendor in Greenmont.
Guild Stone vendor in Greenmont. | Source

Making a Guild in Greenmont

If you have ever played a warrior then you already know where the guild stone vendor is. She is located in the Hall of Blade, the same building as the warrior trainer.

This is located in the same square as the stables, gem merchant and the Hall of Foundry. Only, it is in the opposite corner.

There are quite a few NPCs in the building. There is an NPC named Magria Starforce. Interestingly enough, this is the same lady that you talk to in Silence. She gets around.

The same conditions apply here that applied to making a guild in Silence. You will still need 5 gold and to be level 10 to make a guild.

Greenmont and Silence are the two best places to make a guild. Silence might be the best since some servers suffer from more lag than others. In my opinion, Silence is less laggy than its big sister Greenmont.

Running a Guild

Running your own guild is a lot more complex than it looks. Some people get excited, and want to be a guild master, but do not realize how much work it really is.

When other players join your guild they will expect a lot from the guild master and from the guild. In the beginning, many people will not even want to join a new or small guild.

The core of the guild is that the players should support each others. This means you need members of the same level who can work together on similar things.

If you are struggling to run dungeons and such, you can help guildies pass time by teaching and helping them mount hunt or buy teaching and helping them with foundry.

A guild master who is selfish and won't help others will not be a guild master very long unless they have people already in the guild who are willing to help.

Owning a successful guild is one of the most satisfying experiences. It can also be painful and annoying, as well. Guilds can fracture and hard feelings can be formed. This is, however, part of the gaming experience.

Greenmont Guild Stone Location

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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      Shadow 3 years ago

      I made a new guild yesterday and it was really successful. I've gotten over 30 members. Ive been trying to help them out as much as i can. But I need some help. There are some players at night and I'm not there to help them because I'm sleeping or during the day when I'm off for college. My purpose of the guild is to help low level people with mount hunts, get through dungeons and etc. I need to know about ranks. I think there are 4. I know the leader and a normal member. What about the other 2? What powers do they have? And which one has the power to recruit? Thank you. I really want to keep this guild going but i need a right hand man/woman as well as recruiters when im gone.