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How to Train Your Dragon mobile game

Updated on September 8, 2010

They brought it to your phone

If you're an avid movie goer you've most certainly already seen How to train your dragon, one of the best animation titles of the year. But unless you're a mobile phone gamer, you've likely missed out on the excellent mobile game spin-off!

The java version has good graphics

Click thumbnail to view full-size

And it is good!

There's one thing I like the most about cell phone games, and that's when they are well worth your money. How to train your dragon falls into that category pretty easily, especially if you like adventure games that also have quite a bit of puzzle elements to them.

There's no better way to prove that to you than to quote from my review blog, so here goes:

After falling a dragon from the sky using a net, Hiccup, our lead hero and playable character, turns from trying to slay it, per viking ways, to helping the poor creature get back to health, thus trying to escape the “dragon killing viking” future his father had planned for him. In doing so, most of the time you will be collecting items, opening doors and figuring out the inner workings of all manner of contraptions (lighting pots on fire in a certain order anyone?), following penguins over icy death traps and that sort of thing. The adventure part kicks in when you have to deal with the occasional enemy creature of the forest like carnivorous plants, bears, bees and wild pigs. Your main weapon is your trusty sling shot so it’s all fun until a bear looses an eye!

If you're still not convinced check out the full review on my blog, or if you want to see the game in action why not checkout my video gameplay demo, a short video is worth more than all the convincing I could attempt to do right? :)

Gameplay video here


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