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How to Turn on an Xbox 360 Controller

Updated on October 21, 2012

New Wireless controller? struggling to get it started and connected? Here is everything you need to know.


I know it seems obvious but check you have the batteries in correctly. The batteries should have different ends pointing up. Xbox controllers take AA batteries. Make sure these batteries are pushed all the way in.

Turning on

In the center of the controller is a button with the xbox 'X' on it.Press this and it should light up green around the edges of the button. Normally this home but should flash a few times and then have a lit up quarter. (showing you to be either player 1 ,2, 3 or 4).

If the light is going around and around the middle button this means it is selecting which player number you will be.

If the four sections are just flashing this means your wireless controller is having trouble connecting to the xbox.

Xbox elite connection button
Xbox elite connection button | Source

Fixing connection problems

  • Make sure batteries are correctly fitted and that the light flashes.
  • Turn off all other controllers.
  • Look on the front (top) side of the controller, between the RB and LB buttons, their should be a small circular button with 3 waves symbol next to it.
  • On your console locate the circular connection button under the memory slots ( Xbox 360) or under the home button( Xbox elite).
  • Press the center Xbox controller button
  • buttons in the controller and the console simultaneously this should link the console with Xbox controller.

The controller should now be working, any questions please ask at the bottom of this page.


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