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How to be a Pro Gamer at League Of Legends

Updated on February 24, 2015

1. Focused on The Way You Play and Learn Everything and i mean every single information .

Most Players especially Bronze Gamers at League of Legends wonder when would they improve . Well, as a Platinum Player of League of Legends - Philippines , i was once a Bronze Gamer who duo with trolls and played games with weaklings . To be Honest Bronze Division is where you could find the trollest , most noob , yet funniest gamers than any gamers of Higher Divisions Like Silver,Gold, Platinum etc.

Okay , on a more serious note : "Focus on the way you Play" and "Accept your Limitations".

Get Real ! You'll never be like Faker , Bengi , Piglet , or Dade in 1 Night !

I'm Playing for already a Year and since then , i still know my Limitations .

And you should too ! Focus on the things you still don't know , Even the Basics of Creepting , Leashing , Ganking , Pushing and/or Defending Lanes defines what kind of player you are .

Don't assume like someone so Pro in an instant , LoL is a Game where being boastful is a weakness .

Always Remember the Proper ways of Farming and Leashing at the Early Game , Every Gold Counts !

In League Of Legends - Philippines , there are 4 Types of Champion Categories , Which are the Following :

1. AD ( Attack Damage ) Champions ( Common in Solo top Roles and Jungler ) - Usually Played as an Assassin or Fighter . Like : Darius , Fiora , Master Yi , Talon , Leesin Etc. Item Builds are mostly Attack Damage Contribution Types. Like : Ravenous Hydra , Infinity Edge , Bloodthirster

2. AP ( Ability Power ) Champions (Common in Solo Mid and Support Roles) - Usually Played as a Mage and as an Assassin too . Like : LeBlanc , Akali , Katarina , Fizz , Ryze, Karthus , Ahri etc .Item Builds are mostly Rabaddon , Zhonyas Hourglass , which are Ability Power Contribution type Items.

3. AD Carry ( Attack Damage Range ) Champion ( Automatic Bottom Lane , Ranged Weaponized type Champion ) - Usually Played as an Marksman in LoL . Like: Graves , Twitch , Miss Fortune , Ashe , Tristana , Caitlyn , Etc.Item Builds are mostly Attack Damage Contribution with a slight Range Item Contribution and Attack Speed as well .

4. AP Tank , AD Tank , Hybrid Champions ( Common in Support-Tank Roles)- These are Champions which has exact stats per Ad , AP and Life contributions .Like : Yorick , Dr.Mundo , Alistar . Etc . Very Vague to describe .

2.Master the Way You Play include Presence of Mind .Never Panic and think Negative too easily

If you're done knowing the Ways , tips , and tricks at playing LoL then master every single one of it.

Examples :As a Solo top .
You are most Likely to expect that you're gonna carry your teammates all the way to end game .

As a Jungle :

You are most Likely to Gank and Farm from early - end game .

As a Support :

You are most Likely to be the "one" who will do almost every bulk of the Actions in Bottom Lane since in my expert opinion , the main role of being a Support are as Follows :

1. Sacrificing Creeps and Kills for the AD carry
2.Being the Frontline in Team Fights .
3.Putting wards on bushes .
4.Assisting the AD carry to slain an opponent .
5,You're most likely to be the Tank of the Team .

Now, Lets go to Creepting .

Creepting refers on killing minions and neutral minions as well . Every Killed Minion is an Additional Gold to you (if you killed it). Creepting also refers to Xping or Gaining XP which determines the Speed of Leveling up during the Game .Remember killing minions in a slow rate may affect your Fiscal Spendings and Item Spending Cuts during visiting the Shop , not to mention you might get Gap in Creepting so Slow . ( Catch Up if that happens ) .

Next is Ganking ! What is Ganking in LoL ?
Well , Ganking is more likely to be termed as "Help" or "Reinforcement/s" in LoL , it is the scenario wherein in example , as a Jungler you are poised to go bottomlane because your teammates there are crying out for your help in assisting them to slain their lane oppponents .

Third is Pushing and Defending/Hold in .
Pushing or Going Offense is an easy way if there is an advantage like Being the Baddest Player in the Game whereas you have the Gold-Item , Level and Skill Advantage at the Game .Defending a Lane is a Hard Part in LoL since you are opted to a "Tower Hug" Strategy till Help Comes .

So Master the Way you Play ! Every Way of it.

Master Champion Skills and The Duration of Every Skills .Be Literate to Spells , Have the Proper Runes and Masteries , Proper Attitudes of being a Gamer is a M

For Example Ryze Stun only lasts for 3 seconds , Lux's Stun Last about 5 seconds , Remember in Every Skill Upgrade per Level , the Duration of every Skills like Stun , Snare , Slow , Changes .Ignoring Them May Affect you're Expectations .

If you already reached Level 30 , then you got every spell necessary to be prepared in Provisional Gaming . ( Flash - Ignite ) those 2 are the most used spells in rank games .

1.Check your Runes if they're correct . Remember Every Rune Page is Used to Appropriate Champions and this include the Masteries .( The Two a.) Runes b.) Masteries are very Important ! Ignore them , and suffer the disadvantages of ignoring it ).

2.As you Play Often you get more Experience ! Remember to accept Mistakes and Learn how to make them Right next time . As Long as Possible never CUSS or Verbally assault a Teammate too easily , but instead , Boost His Morale and tell him to make it right and or encourage him to do better , but still , if he keeps on Trolling .], HAHAHAH !! Then it's up to you ! Cuss Him to the Full Extent . XD

3.Take Breaks After each Game , Take Note that your Mind is Part of your Physical Body .
Drink Water or any Liquid to Help Refresh your memory , remember your mistakes , Look at far objects to relax your eyes .In Short just Chill , it's just a game .

4. Always Try to Improve . You'll Feel what i feel when i got out of Bronze but being at Platinum Division Doesn't makes you a Pro or a Veteran Player at All ! It's not about the win that matters , It's How you win that Matters Most , if you're at Diamond but your gaming is like a Gold Gaming one , HAhaha !! You Sorry Bro ! You Don't Deserve it . I Swear !

5. Dedication and Motivation - it divides Deserving Players to weak Players .You know What ? i Was once a Weak Player too , and it annoys me sometimes knowing that i may not have a Future in being a Better Player at LoL . but 4 months Later i found out i was wrong !
So Why can't you reader / gamer ? I mean I'm Platinum 1 now at the Philippines and nearing Diamond .

6. Respect Other Players : At all means Possible , respect other players no matter how weak is he/her , Being a Good and Nice Treating Player is better than a boastful one . I experienced it.

7. If every you meet a Diamond , Platinum or let's just say Gold Division and above players , ask him or her some tips on how to play better in every game , never think that sometimes when you're already confident and think you're the best , huh ! Think again ! you're not the best ! there's always someone out there who'll be /gonna be better than you .

8. Promise to yourself that one Day , you'll beat those persons you want to . Just don't be Over Confident okay ? never Underestimate someone , never overestimate yourself .Always Think Positive but in a Anybody's Game Way.

Scores and the way you played the Game Define what Kind of Player You are .

I'm the Leblanc in that Platinum Division rank game .
I'm the Leblanc in that Platinum Division rank game . | Source

Play LoL with a Decent P.C and with a Decent Internet Connection ! Not Having both means Having Interruption on being a Pro Player at LoL

Having a Decent and Appropriate-to-Gaming P.C is absolutely a must ! I don't mean you have to buy the baddest ones though , i just want to tell you that in order to play and run everything smoothly , a Good P.C is a Difference between a Winner and a Loser .

Also Check the Speed of you're Internet Connection ! As a Player in the Philippines , i have a Internet Connection Minimum to 2Mbps which is just right . but sometimes i experienced Laggs and Buggs too .
So like what i said back in the Subtitle , a Fast Internet Connection is also A Must !

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