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How to get better at/in Swat PRO on Halo Reach

Updated on January 16, 2012


Right, let's just get things right. You've come here to find some hints and tips on how to get better at the SWAT a game variant type on Halo Reach. I will be talking about the things which I think help me win games in SWAT and I am going to be keeping them as basic as possible. If you guys think i've missed something out or want to leave any feedback, please do in the comments below. Now after you've read this introduction I bet you're wanting to know these little tricks. Read below and hopefully I will help you out!

In this guide I will give you 5 top tips on how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist. However these tips are transferable to other game types such as slayer, MLG and certain objective games.

1) First tip on how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist is to not panic when you come across multiple enemies. Most players seem to panic and start to rapidly fire as fast as they can. This is not a good habit to get in to as it causes the bloom to go up significantly and your gun becomes less accurate. So when you come across multiple enemies take your time in picking your shots and do not fire too quickly, having said that if you are close range then firing fast is sometimes the best option as when you are very close to your enemy but not quite close enough to beat them down then spraying may be the best option.

2) The second tip on how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist is too find a sensitivity that you can comfortable with and stick to it. If you are playing badly don’t go changing your sensitivity. I personally play on 2 sensitivity as I am more of a player that will sit back and just let people rush me and I will kill them as they walk through doors, people get annoyed at this but it gets you kills so who cares. Also I recommend switching to bumper jumper if you do not already play on it, it makes it also easier to jump and aim your shots at the same and the jumping will put your enemies off, this is especially useful if you jump round corners.

3) The third tip on how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist is to always keep moving. Never ever just stand still camping one spot. If you are a defensive player that likes to camp then I would suggest camp one area of the map but keep moving. If you kill an enemy and sit in the exact same place then they will come back and kill you. However if you kill an enemy and then move slightly they will come for you where you were and you can kill them again and keep repeating until they finally give up. This is a good way to start off high killing sprees. Also the keep moving applies when you are in fights with your opponents; always strafe even when stood waiting for them to come around the corner. If you mix up your strafe between long and short strafes then it will keep your opponent guessing and make your a harder target to hit.

4) The fourth tip on how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist is to manoeuvre the maps stealthily. Do not go all guns blazing down the middle of the map, it will only get you noticed and kill. Instead stick to the edges of the maps where it is unlikely that anybody will come from behind you. Communication to your team mates also comes in here as if you have a teammate watching your back, and then you don’t have to worry about it. If you manoeuvre the maps correctly it should not be hard to get to the oppositions spawn unopposed or with little opposition meaning you can then have fun spawn killing your enemies. Manoeuvring the map correctly also means do not take a shot on if you do not think that you can make the headshot. If you miss the shot then you are just going to alert the enemy to your whereabouts. It is much better to not get a kill and not die than to not get a kill and then die anyway.

5) The fifth and final tip for how to get better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist is to learn the spawns of the maps. This is actually very easy to do yourself and can actually help in all playlists on Halo: Reach. All you have to do is look at which maps are popular on your desired playlist so in swat these are generally asylum, pinnacle, countdown and the cage. Once you have identified popular maps that get voted a lot just go into forge mode with the desired map and game type on and then look at where the spawns for each team are. You do not need to know exactly where each player will spawn just roughly which area of the map they will spawn and then it is easy to set up a spawn trap. Just remember if there are some of your players at the tower on the cage then it is highly unlikely that the opposition will spawn there so just imagine the map is split into four quadrants. If you have a player in 3 of the quadrants it is most likely that the opposition will spawn in the empty quadrant of the map. However this works for asylum and pinnacle etc but not so much for the cage as there is also top of the map and bottom of the map.

If you follow these 5 top tips you will be better at Halo: Reach in the swat playlist in no time. And remember there is no substitute to experience. Keep playing using these tips and you will start to see your rank fly up and also the kills you get each game.

Comments are appreciated.

If you need any other help on other FPS games then follow this hub as I am going to be doing bigger and better walk throughs on how to get better at certain popular games! Leave comments below on what you think and if these hints have helped you! 


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    • profile image

      Slappy Gunderson 2 years ago

      Don't sprint too much. It takes too long to bring your weapon back up to justify the time saved running. I personally don't sprint with the exception of the initial spawn or having to get away from a gunfight.

    • Galaxies profile image

      Galaxies 5 years ago from a far far away place.......

      Play call of duty. Made me waaaaay better at swat. Upgrade your internet too if it's slow. Swat requires a good connection

    • Aaron_Perks profile image

      Aaron Perks 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Soniicz, i'll hopefully keep getting more guides out! Including all different types of guides on weapons and game variants, also hoping to make some video's including aid as well!

    • profile image

      SoNiiCz 7 years ago

      Good guide very helpful especially for your first guide. Keep up the good work.