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How to be a Treasure Hunter

Updated on January 2, 2014

Treasure Hunting is a way of Life!

Treasure Hunting isn't easy, it requires a lot from an individual, and that's why every Treasure Hunter must be willing to commit to a way of life that will require:

  • Hours of Dedication;
  • Physical Work;
  • Research;
  • Legal Work (to get permits and so on);

Do you think you have what it takes to become one? Then read on!

How to Become a Treasure Hunter?

Becoming a Treasure Hunter is quite easy, becoming a profitable or successful Treasure Hunter is harder, and becoming a stellar and famous hunter is the hardest. So, summing up, profitability is achievable, but only a select few achieve stardom and fame for finding the best things.

Here's what you need to know and the rules you have to follow in order to become a Treasure Hunter:

  • Select a Discipline: Would you like to be a gold miner, a deep sea plunderer, a metal detector scavenger? You decide;
  • Buy the Equipment Required: You have to get the proper tools in order to start, I will recommend some within this article.
  • Research: Treasures aren't lying around on every place, you need to research!
  • Do some field work: This may be tiring, but it is where the fun lies;
  • Find Treasures: Rinse and Repeat;

This is it, so as you can see it isn't hard to follow your dreams, and if you're passionate enough I'm more than sure you'll succeed!

Treasure Hunting: A Dream Job or a Profitable Hobby

Those who have enough passion for Treasure Hunting, being it whatever discipline they have committed to, will often find success and profitability.

The level of profitability, however, is what establishes the difference between those that keep treasure hunting as a hobby or get it to be their full time job.

You know a lot of Treasure Hunters that become profitable and famous, think about those storage unit guys on TV or Pawn Shop owners that seem to occupy a lot of TV channels these days. These guys are an example of what you can strive to become.

People are very afraid of trying treasure hunting as a job, in fear that they may fail, and that's what the opportunity lies for courageous guys like yourself - the "padawan" treasure hunter reading this article.

What I mean is... if you have the passion for it, don't hesitate in making treasure hunting your dream job!

Coin Collecting: Small Tokens of History


Popular Treasure Hunting Disciplines:

There are a lot of treasure hunting disciplines out there, and some of the most popular are:

  • Metal Detectors: Scanning and Combing lands for riches;
  • Recreational Gold Mining: Mining and Small Scale Placer mining;
  • Deep Sea Scavenging: Spanish Galleons are full of treasure;
  • Coin Collectors: Buying and Selling Collectibles for Profit, and keeping some;
  • Pawn Shop Owners: They flip treasures for profit;
  • Storage Unit Investors: They hunt for treasures on abandoned storage units;

So, as you can see, there are a lot of different types of treasure hunters and you can become any of them with enough passion and the right equipment.

I keep mentioning the word passion because if you plan to enter this niche because of the profits you may get, you're going to have a bad time since profits come later.

How Do I Clean Dirty Coins?

Coin Collecting: How to Clean Dirty Coins

This little video on the side shows you just how to clean dirty coins like a pro.

There are a lot of stratified formal conditions coin collectors classify coins with, and a coin in mint condition is worth way more than a damaged one. Always take care of your coin collection properly.

Pro-Coin Software Review:

4 stars for Pro-Coin Software 2013

Pro-Coin Computer Software Review

This is one of the most used Professional Coin Collection management software pieces out there, and with good reason for it.

I use it for my personal coin collection and I can't use any other, since it fulfills all my needs, categorizing and keeping score of the value of my pieces. I can tag them as I wish.... sweet!

Check it out!

Some Collectible Coins are Worth Millions:

This Lincoln Coin is valued at $35.000 though
This Lincoln Coin is valued at $35.000 though | Source

Answer, Treasure Hunter:

What kind of Treasure Hunter would you like to be?

See results

Severall Treasure Hunter Types:

There are severall Treasure Hunter Types, and I will mention the core three:

The Passionate Type:

The Passionate Type doesn't care about values, he just cares about the hunt, the gold, the coins, the riches, not by their value - but because they are treasure.

The gold fever and the excitement of finding new things runs through his veins and there isn't a thing he wouldn't do to practice his favorite hobby.

The Profit Hunter:

He gets in just for the profit, he gets all the equipment required and labels it as an investment. He researches and gets on the field. When he finds out that he isn't going to see a quick dollar any time soon he forgets about the endeavor and moves forward to his next best thing.

The Enthusiast Entrepreneur:

The enthusiast is passionate, but not as passionate as to forget about profit. He dedicates himself to his favorite niche and focus on researching, studying, practicing, he doesn't care about the money and time spent, because he knows it is all going to pay out later.

He experiences the highest losses, but later he enjoys the highest profits. The type that will reach the highest TIERs of Treasure Hunting.

Treasure Hunter Chart

Treasure Hunter Type
Legal Restrictions
Metal Detectors
Gold Miners
Deep Sea Treasure Hunters
Coin Collectors
Storeage and Pawn Shop Hunters

Metal Detectors: Get it and Start Combing!

Treasure Hunting Summarized:

Grab a pot and add the following ingredients:

  • Enthusiasm;
  • Passion;
  • Discipline;
  • Dreams;
  • Knowledge;
  • Practice;

Enjoy your future as a treasure hunter.

The Bounty Hunting Profile:

If you have read this article up to this point and you think you have the bounty hunter profile - the thirst for treasure finding - then I would encourage you to start hunting... even if it is just by the sake of collecting.

Starting my treasure hunting life was one of the best experiences I had, and I still do it and get excited every time I add a new item to my collection - that's right I'm the passionate type, I don't sell what I find.

Are you ready to begin?


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    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 4 years ago from Torres Novas

      Thanks for stopping by! What kind of treasure hunter is he?

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      Diana L Pierce 4 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      My husband likes to treasure hunt. Voted up.