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How to be a super mario master.

Updated on April 13, 2011


In the days of my youth I spent many an hour controlling Mario through the lands of The Mushroom Kingdom. Over time I became an absolute master of Mario manipulation. In this piece I will describe to you the main skills needed to be as good as me (completely incredible) at the game Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

The most important rule is to never stop running. Always go forward and just keep jumping. It looks awesome to people that are watching you and that’s really the whole point anyway. Always aim for enemies. Jumping on their heads gives you points and if you get enough hits in a row you will get an extra life. This is a great way to get lives without going out of your way to find them.

Secondly always being holding a shell. Make sure the Koopa has been banished from the shell or he will pop out while your running and hurt you. You’ll know when the Koopa is gone because he will shoot out like a rocket to the left. If this does not happen, do not use this shell. Running with a shell is useful because you can flick it up and hit enemies above you and then catch it as you run. This is a difficult move to master but it, again, is very cool looking.

Having covered the basics I will let you in on an advanced technique you can use to simply glide through most of the levels. If you are looking to beat the game extremely fast this is probably the best way. After getting a cape (jump on one of the flying yellow caped koopas) make a dash forward for about one second. Jump and you will soar high into the air. While this is only supposed to let you glide for a small amount of time you can extend the flight time by pressing down and forward in a semi circle motion. You can pretty much fly right through 75 percent of the levels this way.

Using these tips you should be able to master Super Mario World in about 7 years. Good luck.


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