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How to be phenomenal at shooting games

Updated on July 20, 2017

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Shooting games take alot of practice to be good at but it takes talent and strategy to go beyond being a pro-player. This guide will teach you how to become more than just average in shooting games. Whether your tired of dying all the time or want to increase your score, you have to look beyond winning and losing to learn certain principles that will make you a better player. Before you read any further, you must ask yourself "what am i willing to do to become better at shooting games? How hard am i willing to train in order to be better than average?" If you feel your ready to read this guide on how to be phenomenal at shooting games then keep reading!

Step 1 - Check and upgrade your PC/console

To prevent lag and other technical difficulties from ruining your experience in shooting games, make sure that your operating system is in great condition. Be sure to check that your controllers and hardware are fully functional. Check your operating system and make sure that it's fully updated. Once everything is set then you are ready to begin playing a shooting game of your choice. Make sure that your mouse sensitivity and graphics are at a comfortable level. Be sure that the shooting games of your choice will work on your computer or gaming console.

Step 2 - Physically and mentally prepare yourself

Get plenty of rest and drink coffee to keep yourself awake if needed. Practice breathing exercises and cope with stress as high levels of stress will make you perform poorly during gameplay. Learn how to handle pressure well and maintain focus. Clear yourself of all distractions before you begin playing.

Step 3 - Practice shooting

As an exercise, practice shooting in single player or a training session. Curl your fingers when you aim and shoot rather than moving your whole hand. Learn new shooting techniques such as drag shots and twitch shots. Make every bullet count but shoot several bullets if needed. Better safe than sorry. Develop quick reflexes and perfect aim on the head or chest area where you will likely kill your enemies.

Step 4 - Pick your weapon of choice

Pick a weapon that you are most comfortable with and practice shooting. Learn it's range of fire, capabilities, timing, accuracy, power, speed, etc. and how to use it effectively. Continually practice using that weapon in shooting games and you will dramatically improve.

Step 5 - Learn and apply military tactics

While the gaming world and real life are different, certain strategies can be applied in both. For example, the act of flanking and ambushing would greatly increase your chances of killing one enemy after another. There are differences such as health and respawning which shooting games easier to play. By applying military tactics such as hit and run, you will set yourself apart from other players in shooting games. Learn what tactics are practical in-game and use them to your advantage.

Step 6 - Learn how to use cover

Cover is one of the most important defenses you will need in shooting games. Without it, you will die more often and quickly. The less you expose your body, the better. Cover is defined by anything that shields you from bullets and explosives be it brick walls, cars, buildings, trenches, barricades, the list goes on. When using cover, make sure that there are no explosives around it as your enemy can kill you by firing upon them. Try not to give away your position to the enemy. In other words, hide when the enemy turns to see you. Conceal your position with smoke grenades if needed. The less the enemy knows about you, the better. Never stand out in the open where the enemy is likely to kill you. Instead, move slightly out of cover to where you can barely hit your target then quickly move behind cover. Be unpredictable and never fire from the same position all the time in one gunfight. Use a mixture of different positions such as standing, crouching, laying down, etc. and fire from different angles. When your enemy fires his gun, never leave the safety of cover. Only when he/she stops fire do you return fire as soon as possible with deadly accuracy and speed. Make sure that you have back up cover in case your enemy has destroyed your primary one or if your ambushed.

Step 7 - Be aware of your surroundings

Don't focus on only what is in front of you. Be aware of all directions and the map so that you can use them to your advantage. This will give you the right opportunity to surprise attack your enemy and help you or your teammates gain the upper hand.

Step 8 - Develop quick reflexes

If a gunfight lasts more than a minute then your not being quick enough. Moving quickly in a map is crucial to your success in shooting games. The longer you stay on one foe, the more dangers you have of getting killed by his/her teammates. To survive while getting the most kills in shooting games, it's vital to respond with quick reflexes when avoiding attacks and firing in the process.

Step 9 - Have a back up weapon

In case your primary weapon runs out of ammo during a gunfight with an enemy who's in front of you, switch to a secondary weapon. Nine times out of ten this will save your life.

Step 10 - Rely on strategy

Your mind is the greatest weapon. Deceiving your enemies and outsmarting them are just a few keys to victory after victory. By continually planning your moves, you will be one step ahead of everyone else.

Step 11 - Learn how to clear rooms

Many players make the mistake of running around recklessly in buildings. Learning how to clear rooms of enemies will save you from walking right into a trap in shooting games. Master the technique known as slicing the pie. Use explosives such as grenades or RPG's to clear rooms of potential enemies while making sure your teammates don't get caught in the crossfire.

By following these steps, you will be a distinguished player in shooting games. Commit yourself to hard work, perfecting techniques, applying war strategies and tactics, as you watch your score grow.

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