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How to beat Azmodan in Diablo 3

Updated on June 3, 2012

How to beat Azmodan

Azmodan in my opinion is probably the easiest main bosses in the whole game. Getting up to him is another story. There are multiple rooms in which you have to walk and fight down spiralling paths and kill a bunch of Sin Hearts and whatnot. Getting to his lair is an annoying and long process, but once you get there it is a pretty easy battle. Azmodan has quite a large health bar, but this doesn’t matter much, because while hitting him it goes down fairly quick. If you are playing with a bunch of other people, this will be a tough battle, but if you have a bunch of well levelled players you will be able to win this battle the first time. Azmodan will come out at you and attack with causing dead bodies from the ceiling that will hurt if one lands on you. You don’t really need any special moves or magic, but if you do happen to have something that will stun or slow him down, I would suggest using that to make this an even quicker boss battle.

Once you get into the battle room, you will hear him talk on and on, and then finally get to the battle. I would just suggest standing near him and hacking away to be quick frank. From what I noticed when I battled him, he has a few moves that can really hurt if you are hit with them. He shoots a flaming meteor that will most likely almost kill you in one shot, so steer clear of that one. Also, when you see the black holes on the ground move away because those suck the life out of you. Still, you should always be prepared with tons of potions and healing magic if you have a certain class that can do that.

Don’t worry too much about that because I think that any class will do just fine on this boss battle. Once you get into a good spot to consistently attack him, just go at it until he is beaten. For the most part, you won’t need to retry this boss because he is pretty simple. I really thought that he was going to be crazy hard, but for some reason, I feel like Belial was way harder to beat, and that was much further back in the game! Make sure you are well prepared for this battle and you will succeed. I suggest having your best skills up and stock up on your potions. Don’t forget to get your weapons and armor fixed before battle. If you need to go back and level up a bit more, that would be something useful. If you are having a hard time beating this boss, either level up or try to join a game with others who can help you beat Azmodan!

After you beat him, you will finally get the black soulstone and the story will continue! Good luck and congrats on getting this far in the game!


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