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How to become a pro in Counter-Strike 1.6 part 1

Updated on April 13, 2012

Well let me introduce myself i am Alexander and i play Cs 1.6 about 4 years, in this text you will find useful information how to improve your game.

1. Knowing your weapon.

We can say that this is most important thing Cs. If you have AWP you aren't going to rush you will need to find a good sniping position to take a shot. All is about knowing your weapon's weaknesses and advantages.

A) AK-47

AK is the most powerful semi-automatic gun. It needs one shot to the head to kill your opponent. His primary use is for mid to long distances in that distances AK is the most accurate. In close range it is best to spray.

1) Spraying (Short distances)

AK is extremely inaccurate when spraying if you don't know how to control the recoil. When spraying you need to duck and pull very hard gun down to hit your target. Of course this can be learned just by shooting on the wall and try concentrating all bullets at the same place.

2) Mid to long distances

a) MId distances

At mid distances is best to combine the shooting for example you fire 2 shoots move 1 shoot move 2 shoots etc. The most important thing is movement if you can separate the movement from aiming you will have a big bonus for example if guy is ducking and spraying if you can just get rid of his spray you can give him HEAD SHOT and win the duel.

b) Long distances

In long distances it's the same story as in mid distances you will just need to be aware not to start spraying if you spray on long distances there is no chance of hitting your opponent.

B) M4A1

M4A1 is much more accurate than AK-47 but it is less powerful. It has two regimes of fire with silencer and without it. With silenced M4A1 you will need two shoots to the head if your opponent is wearing helmet. M4A1 is more accurate with silencer than without it but it deals less damage.

1) Spraying (Short distances)

In short distances i prefer silenced M4A1 because it is easier to control the spray and is more accurate. Difference between spraying with AK and M4A1 is that AK is very inaccurate weapon for spraying but M4A1 is like made for it. There are two methods for spraying:


Ducking and slowly moving the gun down (be aware that if you are spraying like this and haven't learned the recoil you will be immovable and for your opponent you are easy target for killing). This is the most accurate way of spraying!!!


This is less accurate way of spraying the trick about this is that you must move left-right very fast and try to hit opponent with burst in the head. Extremely inaccurate in mid to long distances.

2. Mid to long distances

a) Mid distances

At mid distances i prefer M4A1 without silencer because it is a little bit powerful and i can feel when single bullet shooting is "transforming" into spray and i can regulate that. The best technique is to fire 3 bullets move 3 bullets but you need to be aware of that 3 bullets burst can become spray and without crouching you are going to miss your opponent.

b) Long distances

In long distances it is best to use M4 without silencer. Like in short range it is best to duck and shoot one by one bullet.

In next part i will explain firing with different pistols, clarion and awp.


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      Rinku 3 years ago

      THankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u very much :) :D

    • Devil3165 profile image

      Alexander Ivanovic 6 years ago from Serbia

      Thank you...

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      Milos 6 years ago

      Good :D