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How to build a line follower robot?

Updated on March 28, 2012

The most important thing required is how your robot will turn. There are different methods to do that. Let us start with a basic robot first for example how to build a line follower robot and then a micromouse robot. As we all know, a microcontroller or microprocessor is required to build a pre-programmed robot. If you can decide what exactly you want to make, the hardware can be designed, for example, let us consider to build a line follower robot, so now what all is required to make a line follower? The main things that you need are:

A simple line follower robot.
A simple line follower robot. | Source
back board of line following robot
back board of line following robot | Source
Right motor of the line follower robot
Right motor of the line follower robot | Source
Top right view of the line following car robot
Top right view of the line following car robot | Source
  • Basic structure like chassis, motors, wheels, etc.
  • Electronic hardware.
  • Software or the code.
  • Sensors.
  • Other stuff

So basic structure is easy to make, electronic hardware can be of two types:

  • Logic gates driven.
  • Code driven.

To make a logic gate driven line follower robot, you need to make an electronic circuit which according to sensor values (highs and lows) changes the behavior of the robot in a way to counteract the error being made while traversing on the line.

Same principle applies to making the code driven robot, but here your main driving element will be a microcontroller or a microprocessor in general which you need to program according to your algorithm.

Now to program microcontroller, you can use C, C++, BASIC, ASSEMBLY, etc. As a sensing material for line, you can use LDR sensor, IR sensor, etc. which emit light and based on the reflection received, the distinction between color of line can be made.

For programming the microcontroller say AVR, there are many IDEs which you can use, like for C compilation, you can use WINAVR, AVRGCC, and there are loads of other like PonyProg, CodeVision, etc. though the best one I suggest would be BASCOM-AVR which is a basic compiler for AVR and is very easy to use.

The integrated help files are just a delight to look at. You will surely like it if you have not programmed any microcontroller before.

You can have an idea of how to build a line following car robot via the pictures uploaded on the side borrowed from a friend.


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