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How to clean an xbox 360

Updated on May 22, 2013

Cleaning your xbox 360 and Xbox one

There are numerous ways out there to clean your xbox 360. You can by a cleaning CD like the one you use for your dvd/cd. Or you can super clean it by vacuuming the vent system in your box. I suggest you never open it to do so. Never use any water based solutions in the interior or exterior for that matter. The xbox 360 collects dirt by wind and settlement.

1. To remove dust/dirt simply vacuum through each vent and blow air until you don't see any more particles floating around. For best results you could buy a vent fan to keep the system cool and clean maintained.

2. Now you want to get some Uline product which is basically air in a can . It works great for the Xbox360 console and if you do it weekly you'll get optimal performance out your box.

Check out the link below to get some Uline or air duster to your door.


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      bhagwat dig it 8 years ago

      If you have hacked it, and was able to login to consol, you can just format it, using mkfs commands, first unmount the partition you want to format, check the mounted partitions using fdisk -l or mount command.