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How to climb out of Bronze

Updated on February 12, 2016

How to climb out of bronze

For large percentage of league of legends players the question is "How do I climb out of Bronze?" Since 40% of the player base of each server is in the bronze tier.

We all have that driving force to want to get out of bronze. Some of us will make the climb but sadly a large number of the players that currently sit in bronze will
remain there until they either quit or start playing another game.

There is a very good posibility since you are reading this article that you won't be one of those people. You have taken the first step to climb out of bronze.
Seeking out information on how to climb is the first step so I congratulate you.

In any given League of legends match there are multiple factors out of your control but you should never focus on these. The thing you should focus on however is the constant that is in every game
and that is you. The ony real way to climb is by improving your own skills. How do I do this you ask?

I am glad you asked, let me introduce myself I am Michael Hwan. I was born in Korea and have studied and now live in Sydney Australia. I play on the OCE & Sea Servers and currently sit in Diamond.
Like you I started out in Bronze but by seeking out information and concentrating on my own play, reading and absorbing information both free and some paid material I gained the ability to not only
increase my skill but along with that I significantly increased my rank. I started playing League of Legends in Season 3 hit a brick wall landing myself in bronze and it wasn't until half way through
the following season that I did my research on how to improve that I actually began to climb up the ladder from bronze at this point I ascended up the ladder rather quickly reaching Diamond at the
end of season 5.

Since the beginging of season 6 although I have continued my climb towards challenger I decided I wanted to give something back to everyone out there that wishes to climb out
of bronze. So I have created an information website called Bronze to Diamond that i have began filling up with free information on how to climb up the laddder.

So if you have the desire to increase your rank and climb out of bronze and apply what you learn I encourage you to give us a visit.




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