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How to defend against the mass dragon strategy at TH 8 & 9

Updated on January 24, 2015

Choosing a good base set up

The Mass Dragon

I would like to start off by saying there is no such thing as an anti dragon base layout. If you think there is at the town hall 8 or 9 level you are only kidding yourself. It is not like an anti hog rider base where you can force the troops into traps and bombs that can ruin a raid in the swoop of an eye. Because dragons are so powerful, and destroy so quickly no single defensive act can stop a dragon raid. The goal at town hall 8 and 9 are to limit these types of raids to 1 or 2 stars, instead of total destruction. With that being said if you are a town hall 7 you have little to no chance of defending against dragons given the fact that you only have one air defense.

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Air defense

So the most important thing you need to defend against dragons are good air defenses. Even though the wait time for air defenses to finish upgrading is very long, it is important to get your air defenses up around level 5 or 6. Anything less will make it hard to shoot down dragons quickly. It is also equally important to upgrade your wizard and archer towers and hidden tesla. While these structures may not inflict the type of damage the air defenses can, they provide a constant punch to lower the health of dragons. Air defenses should be set up in a triangle shape around your town hall. Your hidden tesla’s should be set up in a similar fashion, perhaps on the opposite side of your town hall. Wizard and archer towers should be spread out throughout your base, but in range of your town hall.

Level up your air defense

Although the upgrade times are long, there is nothing more effective in dealing with air attacks
Although the upgrade times are long, there is nothing more effective in dealing with air attacks

Make them run in circles

Spread them out

One of the keys to a successful defense against a dragon attack is to spread them out. Dragons do good damage on their own, but are much more effective together. Some use bases that are spread out to cover the entire map. This can be used but with mixed result, and can get you 3 starred with an effective ground attack. An effective base will have different shapes and dept to it, while a square compact base will most likely be destroyed quickly. Southern teaser bases are not only a good example, but are effective at spreading dragons out through the attack. The idea is to attack dragons one on one and to keep them away from the core of your base.

Use your storage's as a meat shield

Don't worry. It's free
Don't worry. It's free

Use your storage as a shield

As most who are active in clan wars know you do not lose loot when your storage's are attacked. Gold, elixir, and dark elixir storage's have very high hit points. In fact depending on your level they are almost as hard to destroy as your clan castle or town hall so use it to your advantage. Place storage's near and in range of each of your air defenses. This will tie up dragons while your air defenses pick them out. The tactic can also force the attacker to drop a spell before he wants to.

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Clan castle placement and troops

Good clan castle placement is another key to defending against dragons. You want your clan castle to be as centralized as possible so that the dragons are not able to trigger them until they are over your walls, and in range of your air defenses. While some like all wizards or a mixture of wizards and archers in their clan castle, I have found that all archers can be very effective. While the damage the archers can inflict is minimal, the shear number of archers(20-30 depending on your clan castle level) can keep a pack of dragons busy for awhile.

Learn and adapt

Practice makes perfect

While you incorporate these tips into your base layouts always look for ways to improve your base. Evaluate your base after each attack to locate any flaw to your defense that can be improved. Within a war or two your should see improvement in your defensive performance. I hope this is helpful. Please be sure to comment.


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