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Download WeChat for Computer ( Window PC )

Updated on December 29, 2013
WeChat for PC
WeChat for PC | Source

Now no matter where you are or how far your best friend has travelled and whatever cash crunch you are facing, still you can connect with them through enormous social networking sites but what if they can be reached through the apps that are present only over redefined phones.

Are you upset as you do not have Android phone or the Smartphone that provides various apps by which you get connected with your friends? It becomes embarrassing at times when your entire circle talk about the stuff that they share there but now no more regrets as now you can connect with them through this apps in absence of Android phones or smartphone's too! Now it is possible to connect with your near and dear ones through PC on WeChat.

WeChat was started as an android app and slowly it earned popularity all around. Now you can install this app over your PC with the aid of Bluestacks Android Emulator. The process of installation is too easy to operate and even a simple computer literate man could do it without facing any hurdles. The messaging platform of WeChat is controlled and managed by the renowned Chinese company Tencent Technologies LTD. This messenger also facilitate the exchange of messages between you and your contacts. The growing popularity of WeChat had shifted it next to WhatsApp in competition of the best messenge. A grand milestone of more than 300 million downloads of WeChat messenger has been recorded till now from Google Play Store. By learning this number you can understand the type of popularity that WeChat had attained in such a short time span.

Features of WeChat messenger

The growing popularity could certainly specify that this app has something unique that separates it from the crowd of so many apps. Now let us discuss them one by one:

1) You could easily do audio and video calls by this app. There are so many messengers available in the technological world but only few of them provides both audio and video call and WeChat is termed to be the best in this list. You could make calls easily and can exchange voice and could have smooth video call experience without paying any extra charges. So now no more you have to face all those irritation that you have faced lately in doing video call. Have the best experience of video call via it.

2) Function of Instant Messaging- this app is not restricted to video or voice call but could exchange messages too with various smiley and hence could have endless fun through it. You will be exchanging messages without paying any extra cost. The best part is you could even form a group here and could share and exchange messages within a group. The animated smileys really turn the chat interesting and funny. It will turn your group chatting experience exciting and fun filled. You could share your pics instantly and could learn their views immediately. Now no need to carve for a medium that will cater your need of sharing photographs and videos as this medium will do all these multiple tasks. It is easy to text, free to call, simple to enter in video call, funny to exchange emoticons and still it is free.

3) Walkie Talkie app- this app could really replicate the original walkie talkie and you could really have that overwhelming experience through it. At a time you can add 40 people and can share the Walkie Talkie experience. The fun involve in this procedure will be endless and you are really going to enjoy it.

Apart from this you could stay log in whenever you want and could sync your account with other social networking sites. You get an alert whenever you receive any messages here.

Process of installation of WeChat on PC

In order to educate yourself with the tutorial for installing WeChat for PC you need to follow certain steps. These steps are as follows:

  1. First of all you need to install BlueStacks Android Emulator over your PC.
  2. After you finish with the installation with the process of downloading it, look for “WeChat,” in app search option.
  3. You will get “WeChat” option.
  4. Download the app and install the same with ease.
  5. Your “WeChat” app is ready to be used.

So now you can reach your loved ones through your PC also and can enjoy all the apps for which some gadgets were essential earlier. Surely this is not an end and we are going to enjoy more wonders of technology with upgradation of “WeChat.”


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