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How to get/earn COD Money Points fast in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Updated on November 23, 2011

When playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is often disheartening to discover that you need another 4000 or so Cod points to buy what you want.

I'm here to solve that.

To get the amount of COD points you need, you have to follow these steps.


Playing wager matches yields hardly any income, because the amount you make is equal to, or just about equal to the amount you will end up losing the long run. I do not recommend playing wager matches unless you are a very skilled player.

Step 2 (MOST IMPORTANT) - Always have contracts going.

I cannot tell you how much money I have made off of contracts. Contracts allow you to put money down on a challenge, and when you win, the results are very rewarding.

For example:

I put down around 250 for a challenge.

"Earn the chopper gunner kill streak in 40 min of game-play."

I won 1700 cod points, and 1700 experience points.


Don't always go for the big contracts either, if you do one big, risky contract, it may stress you out, and take you 35 min to complete, whereas if you do 5 small contracts in that time, you will get the same results (money wise) but will not be as stressed because you are just doing what you usually do (not going 1 and 20 because of some random gun your trying to get 75 kills with).


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    • profile image

      Steffen Chris 5 years ago

      2000 cod points every kill in search and destroy? Well please tell me what the hell kind of search and destroy you are playing, because there is no way you can get 2000 cod points per kill in search and destroy legit.

    • profile image

      oO karoosh Oo 6 years ago

      my make in Xbox 360 Oo karoosh Oo but listen how I can get money without contact ?? because I want to get weapons golden weapons and so on so please send me and message on Xbox 360 if you have an a new way ok please I need :)

    • profile image

      Hairy Ball sack 6 years ago

      S&d is like man 2000 cod points every kill and is good

    • profile image

      KING_DING_A_LING 6 years ago

      Contracts is the best way to go and faster then Wager matchs you will not win every one here here's some info im a 15Th Prestige who has every gun gold and has got to 15 pestige in 10 days playing time Do EVERY CONTRACT YOU CAN and as for ROFL the guy who posted above me You are a Nub for even saying that so ROFL NUB!!!

    • profile image

      Roflnub 7 years ago

      Wager match IS the best way to get money. Coming from a 14th prestige on the quest for golden guns. (50k cod points a gun) High Roller is the fastest way, but requires skill. Otherwise stick to contracts nubs.