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CoC War Rules

Updated on July 17, 2015

How attacks are orginized

1)Co-Leader system will receive its first major overhaul.
I am in need of 5 new Co-Leaders. Each of these Co’s needs will be in charge of its own platoon or squad. They will communicate with and direct the members inside of their squad during wars. Each squad will consist of 5 members of which they will be directly in charge of (e.g.. Co-Leader Alpha leads members 30-26, CL Beta leads members 25-21, CL Gamma leads members 16-20, etc etc).
Their roles will include:
a) Assign targets to squad members that need to attack out of turn during war.
b) Coordinate times and targets. Co-Leader will communicate with his squad during prep day and will organize who attacks who and when.
c)Design a strategy for the squads target range. Lets say Co-Leader “alpha” is in charge of members ranked 26-30 in a given war. Their target range will of course be the enemy’s 24-30. Squad leader will come up with attack strategy for these bases and share with their squad as a post in our FB page.
I know this is very time consuming so I will need committed people that are hungry for a much stronger role and leadership in the clan. I will assist and direct all co-leaders of course with anything they may need or have questions about.
Lastly, a Co-Leader can still lead a squad even if they are not in war themselves.
2)New War Rules.
All Previous rules apply but will also include the following:
A) The bottom 5 members must ALWAYS attack during first wave (first 12 hours). If you are not able to attack within first wave then you must either communicate with your squad leader and figure out an alternative or opt out of war. MEMBERS OPTING OUT OF MULTIPLE WARS WITH NO VALID EXCUSE WILL BE DEMOTED AND EVENTUALLY KIKED. THIS IS A WAR CLAN AND WE CAN ONLY HAVE THOSE CAN ARE HIGHLY INTERESTED IN WARRING.
B) Each war will be made up of members that are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at attacking. This means that they are not making obvious mistakes that have been discussed before in general chat or that other members are demonstrating within their war attacks. A great example of this is Zee’s GoWiPes. He absolutely EXCELS at this, Everyone doing GoWIPes needs to watch his replays and study his technique. It is apparent when someone is not learning from those in his own clan. These people will be first demoted and if nothing is done to fix the errors then kicked.
Either Javo or Jose will ask each of you if/when you have read the rules. When we ask you merely respond with your age (just the number nothing else). Don't say anything else and do not speak of this in game chat. Those found not reading this in a timely manner will be demoted or kicked.
Lastly, this next war will include everyone in the clan. Take this as a “placement test.” Those that make the cut will be in the next war and be kept as elders, everyone making any one of the afore mentioned mistakes will be demoted and will have to earn elder by demonstrating they have put the time into fixing their errors. I, of course, will hold myself to the same standard so no one is safe from this.

1) WAR RULES: *updated 6/7/15*

1) WAR RULES: *updated 6/7/15*

- We have a wave system.
A) Two waves (12 hr each).
B) Each person attacks once in First wave within 2 of YOUR RANK (that means up or down of your current rank in war, NOT the recommended target).
C) Second wave will be clean up. Starting with our lowest and going up in order, people cleaning from lowest to highest. During second wave, you must WAIT for your turn to attack and once it comes you must attack the LOWEST available base with missing stars. If you would like to attack a different target you MUST CHECK with a leader before doing so or you risk immediate demotion/boot.
We do this In the hopes that we maximize the amount of stars and waste as few attacks as possible... if you are uncertain in anyway, ASK one of the leaders to answer your questions... saying you didnt understand is NOT an excuse...

- use BOTH attacks well... or you Will be demoted, or kicked from the clan altogether

- During the War preparation phase (the first 24hrs of the 48hr war), The preparation room is Strictly level 5 or HIGHER ... Do Not donate here until you are asked, or ask if you can

- If you see a request that has "For War" written in it, you MUST Give Exactly what they request for, if you do not have exactly what they requested ASK them if they would consider something else...

- If they say the troop but not the level, and they want "FOR WAR", ALWAYS assume its level 5 or HIGHER ..."wiz for war" is a perfect example

- Make sure when you ask for troops during war you include "FOR WAR", and the LEVEL requirements you would like... otherwise you risk not getting what you want, and if you do badly in your attack that will be your own fault, and wont be considered as a good excuse

- If you plan to attack a base that has already been attacked before, Make Sure you WATCH the replay of the guy before you to know what is in the CC, and trap layout...

- The recommended target indicator ingame means NOTHING, do NOT base your attacks on it in any way...

- War search starts at 7pm PST/10pm EST every Tuesday, and Friday

- TH6 and TH 7 targets in war are OFF limits till all of our Th6 and 7s have used Both their attacks, or you get it cleared to attack them from a Co-Leader or Leader.


- Pull CC first before your attack (certain attacks are omitted from this)... what this means is view/scout the base you intend to attack in war, click on the clan castle and note where the range of the enemy castle ends... now when you attack drop a few barbarians BEFORE you drop you main troops so that the barbarians will enter this circle to trigger the clan troops to come out... its VERY IMPORTANT that you put enough troops down to Pull out ALL of the clan castle troops... if they have a large amount you Might need more guys staying alive to keep them coming out of Castle... if the castle is buried to deep inside base, consider using units that charge deeper in to hit defences like Giants, Balloons or hog riders...after you have "Pulled" ALL of the enemy troops, place down one unit at a time on the board so that you will lead the enemy troops to where you want to Kill them First BEFORE you start your main attack... when you get them where you want, drop units to kill their troops in a safe place... pay attention if their troops have area attack (like dragons, wizards etc..)... if they have area attack do NOT bunch up your troops... instead encircle them with a loose formation (put your guys spread out in a circle around the enemy troops) ...if you have low level troops, consider using A lightning spell to kill archers and wizards (NOT dragons)... <--- Pulling CC vid
- GoWiPe, a VERY strong ground attack strategy... Learn it... There is a series of vids that cover all the basics... watch the series...
Troop Basics:
Base Basics:
Opening Moves:
Clearing Clan Castle: (yes, same vid in the pulling cc tip)
Targeting Town Hall:
- for people with th6 or low th7 (no drags), you might consider planning/getting a Barrack to level 9 so you may produce Dragons, a fleet of all dragons is the easiest attack you can make on another th7 for a very good chance of 3 stars... After you have one level 9 planned out, make sure you get your army camps to 200 troops (so you can have 10 Drags), then get your other 3 barracks to level 9, so you can have FOUR barracks making dragons that will take 1.5 hours (instead of 5 hours with only one barrack)... For the attack, all you need to do is drop THREE lightning spells on the hardest to reach air defence to destroy it, or the highest level one... then drop your dragons and enjoy... now don't get too comfortable.. this attack is only good up to a certain level, so make sure when your raiding outside of war to practice your ground attack...

Clan Rules

- No foul language... this includes subject matter in poor taste... this is a Family friendly clan, and has family members as low as 6 years old reading chat...
- Elders and higher CAN request levels for the troops they want outside of war, Members are stuck getting what they get for levels... so yes this means you will most likely get 4's and some 3's donated to you... but if you do well in war, the leader is quick to promote
- To get promoted you MUST read all these rules and then let Leader or Co know that you read them. They will ask you about them.
- Keep your donations up, sometimes it can be difficult to keep a one to one ratio... but there is No excuse for not having any donations... and people with low donations are judged whether or not they should be kicked....
- If you have ANY issues with these rules or questions about them, talk to a Co-Leader or Leader...
- ... And most importantly have fun

Raiding Tips

- if you're short on resources for what you want to do... consider going to the gold league and searching for bases with high level collectors that are full, to make these wonderful targets easier to spot... consider looking for just the elixir collectors, because most people empty all at the same time, and elixir ones are easier to tell if they are full... so what you are looking for, is a base that has full elixir collectors (a solid dark pink side) and is higher level (has large tubes around it, ideally with gold parts)... now what you are going to do first is drop archers (1-3) on the ones at the end where your troops wont take fire, when those collectors are close to destruction start dropping barbarians in lines to absorb damage and attack defended collectors, while dropping a line of archers behind them to snipe safely... if some barbarians die, drop more barbs to protect archers till collectors die... be careful not to drop too many barbs in one area because mortar don't care if its one or 30... it will kill them just as fast... I also liked to drop a light line of minions behind barbs sometimes if the was a lot of ground defences to help destroy collectors faster, or drop a few barbs to distract fire from wizard towers and kill them with minions... I liked having one barrack to endlessly spit out barbs, 3 barracks to spit out archers, and both dark barracks to pump out minions, that way your always ready for attack and you can make 500k to 2 million an hour of each of gold and elixir... gold and elixir collectors drop 50% of what they contain, and dark elixir drills drop 75% of what they hold, you will NEVER have a problem with resources in gold if you know how to search... if this is all too complicated you can do with just all archers... if you start getting to low in trophies, just snipe a few bases that have a town hall on the outside... also to get more Dark elixir, carry lightning spells with you, and use them on Dark Elixir Storages that hold more then 2k DE... you get 10% per hit roughly..
- Thanks for reading up until now, I hope you'll enjoy this friendly clan for many years to come, Good Luck, and Happy Hunting


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