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How to find the Star Coins of Peach's Castle in New Super Mario Bros. U

Updated on January 6, 2013

This is it. The final battle has arrived. All that stands between you and Princess Peach is Bowser, Bowser Jr., and a whole lotta lava. Are you up to the task of bringing the Koopa King down one more time? And collecting all the Star Coins on the way? Believe it or not, getting the coins is a lot harder than beating Bowser. Find out why below.

Meteor Moat

  • The first Star Coin is atop a platform floating in lava. You can get it yourself - but it's easier to knock the nearby Koopa down there to get it for you.
  • The second Star Coin is beneath some brick blocks a short distance from the midway point. Either pound through the ground yourself to get the coin (preferable) or wait for a meteor to crash through the bricks (not the best idea).
  • The third Star Coin is sitting just above a pit of lava that's constantly rising and falling. With Ice Flower in hand, freeze one of the nearby Boney Beetles, pick it up, and hurl it into the pit to get the coin. Trying to do it any other way is suicidal - and even this method gets pretty hairy with all the falling meteors.

This level also contains a hidden exit. A ways after the halfway point you'll come to ground that rises and falls, and along it a P-Switch. You have to hit the P-Switch, then motor as fast as you can along the brick blocks it has created to a green pipe near the end of the course. Wait until the land is just dipping into the lava to make the most of the rising and falling land. This may well be one of the most difficult things to do in New Super Mario Bros. U, so don't feel bad if you muck it up a few dozen times.

Magma-River Cruise

  • The first Star Coin is atop a cliff near the beginning of the course. Jump on the two question blocks near it and check the air for a hidden block. Jump onto it and the two lower blocks will move upward to grant you access to the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is inside a series of brick blocks partway through the course. You have to hit a P-Switch to open the way to it, jump up and get it, then get back down onto the raft and get rid of the Micro Goombas littering the thing in a hurry. Using the shell from the Koopa that's also here can clear them off quickly.
  • The third Star Coin is under the red warp pipe leading to the exit. Stay on the raft just a bit longer to get to it. Watch out for the Monty Moles, they're a pain when getting this coin.

Rising Tides of Lava

  • The first Star Coin is near the entrance, under a bridge. Wait for the tide to rise, then jump on the floating shells of the Big Buzzy Beetles under the bridge. Use them as platforms to get the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is directly under the midway flag, beneath a bridge. Start by running straight off the platform to the left of the ground the coin is on, jumping over any rises in the ground along the way that will slow you down. You'll have just enough time to get the coin before the lava rises.
  • The third Star Coin is in a small hidden area. Proceed until you see two question blocks with a gap between them. Hit the gap to reveal a climbing vine. Go up it to find the coin, protected by a floating Fire Chomp. Either use the Chomp to boost yourself to the coin or triple jump across (only available to a big Mario). Be warned - if you fall, you'll have to die to go back to that area again.

Red-Hot Elevator Ride

  • The first Star Coin is partway up the first part of the shaft. Swing quickly to the right after passing the electrified Bowser heads to grab it before you go too high.
  • The second Star Coin is a bit further up. Keep an eye out for a P-Switch suspended on the roof of the left side of the shaft. Hit it when you see it and follow the trail of blue coins that appear to the Star Coin on the right side and a bit further up.
  • The third Star Coin is further up yet, near the top. Keep to the right side and you'll see it between a few more electrified Bowser heads. Be careful of Bob-Ombs landing on your platform, as several come down in that area.

The Final Battle

  • The first Star Coin is a little ways in, suspended between two platforms over a pool of lava. Wait for Bowser Jr. to crash down somewhere, then slide down one of the walls, get the coin, and wall jump back up.
  • The second Star Coin is under three brick blocks containing coins. Let Jr. smash through them for you, then hop down and get the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is near the door to Bowser, beside a moving platform. Hop against the wall when the platform's low, get the coin and immediately wall jump back to the platform. Preferably wait until Jr. has tried to smash you before trying this.

Firefall Cliffs

  • The first Star Coin is hidden above a POW block a short ways into the level. Way for the POW block to show, then hold it over your head. A meteor will take it out and bring the coin tumbling down.
  • The second Star Coin is atop a climbing section right after the midway point. You'll have to stay to the left and brave the cliff climbing to get to it; try to get a jump onto the wall just after a meteor falls to maximize the chance of making it to the coin undamaged.
  • The third Star Coin is in a second climbing section near the end of the level. When you see walls to climb, stick to the right side of the screen and head up the route with the larger meteors. The coin is at the top, beside the exit.


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